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jokergreen Dec 6 '19
 NEW YORK, N. Yeezy 350 Sale .Y. - Dwyane Wade had a stomach virus and missed Miamis shootaround on Tuesday. He wasnt sure if he would be able to play against Brooklyn.Once the game started, the star guard looked just fine.Wade scored 28 points to lead the Heat to a 95-91 victory over the Nets. He was 12 for 24 from the field and also contributed five rebounds and four assists.I had three pieces of toast and two bananas, Wade said. Thats all I had to eat today, but it got me through. If Im going to be out here I might as well do something. Otherwise I might as well have stayed in the hotel.The Heat had five players score in double figures, including three reserves. Starting forward Luol Deng had 18 points, and rookie Shabazz Napier scored 11.The game was delayed for 29 minutes in the first quarter when the installation of a new green roof at Barclays Center led to a water leak.I didnt even know it was raining outside, said Joe Johnson, who scored 16 points for the Nets. I was like How the hell we got a leak if it aint raining.Mason Plumlee had 21 points and nine rebounds for Brooklyn, and Deron Williams added 15 points and 11 assists.The Heat led by as many as 13 points in the fourth quarter, but the Nets closed to 93-91 on Bojan Bogdanovics 3-pointer with 35 seconds left.After a Miami timeout, Wade missed a long 3, but Bogdanovic was called for a loose ball foul on Deng.When I turned around there was only six on the shot clock, so I knew I had to get it up, Wade said. I just wanted to hit the rim and give ourselves a chance, and we got something positive out of it.Deng made both foul shots to lift Miami to a 95-91 lead.The biggest thing is to make the first one, he said. To me it wasnt two free throws, it was just worry about this one. Once I made it, my mindset was make this one and its now a two-possession game.Following a Nets timeout, Jarrett Jack missed a wide-open layup and neither team scored again.Wade scored Miamis first 10 points of the game and had 17 at intermission. The Heat extended their lead to 15 points on several occasions in the second quarter before settling for a 55-45 halftime lead.The Nets then opened the second half with a 12-3 run, pulling within one on Johnsons layup with 8:15 left in the third. But Wade then scored for the Heat, who put together an 18-8 surge to increase their advantage to 11.I dont wish anything bad on Dwyane Wade. I just hope hes sick again tomorrow, Miami coach Erik Spoelstra said. He played with tremendous energy and was our best bail out when in doubt.TIP-INSHeat: Mario Chalmers and Shawne Williams each scored 10 points. ... The Heat outrebounded the Nets 41-37. ... Forward Josh McRoberts likely will miss the rest of the season due to a torn lateral meniscus in his right knee. He last played on December 9 in Phoenix. ... Chris Bosh has a strained calf and did not travel to Brooklyn with the team. He is sidelined indefinitely. ... The Heat, who beat the Nets 95-83 in their first meeting of the season on Nov. 17, had lost six of eight coming into the day.Nets: Brooklyn put together a pregame video tribute for Jeffrey Vanchiro. Better known as Jeffrey Gamblero, the long-time Nets fan died on Sunday. The Nets players wore the name Gamblero on the back of their warmup shirts. ... Williams is the only Net to start each of the teams last five games. ... Center Brook Lopez missed his fifth straight game with a lower back strain. He last played against Atlanta on Dec. 5.BIRDMAN FLYING AGAINMiami centre Chris Birdman Andersen played in his second straight game after missing the previous nine due to an ankle injury. He had four points and a season-high nine rebounds in 19 1/2 minutes.FOWL SHOOTINGThe Nets went 23 for 32 at the foul line and 8 for 28 from 3-point range. Johnson was 4 for 8 from beyond the arc while most of the team struggled from long range.UP NEXTHeat: Host Utah on WednesdayNets: Visit Toronto on Wednesday Yeezy 350 Replica .Heres Ralph the Dog with the crew here at TSN jumping into the James Duthie TradeCentre selfie: Happy to drop by! RT @TSN_Sports: @tsnjamesduthie: Take this Ellen. Yeezy 350 Outlet . Eller said the Oilers were a "junior team" that was "all over the place" before Edmontons 4-3 victory over Montreal on Tuesday night, Oilers head coach Dallas Eakins took offence to Ellers comments and used it to motivate his youthful team.In his closing argument on Thursday, Prosecutor Gerrie Nel accused Oscar Pistorius of engaging in a "snowball of lies" that ultimately was so absurd that it degenerated into a "farce". We know that Pistorius has admitted to killing Reeva Steenkamp. The issue being determined at trial is whether he intended to kill her, or as Pistorius alleges, did so by accident. Murder vs. Culpable Homicide The two main charges at play are murder and culpable homicide. In order establish murder, the prosecution needs to show that Pistorius intended to kill Steenkamp. If the prosecution fails on murder, they can still get Pistorius on culpable homicide. This charge means that Pistorius negligently killed Steenkamp. And this is what Pistorius is alleging - he killed Steenkamp by accident. He thought she was an intruder. Remember this critical point: Pistorius can still be convicted of murder if it can be shown that he intended to kill - period. It doesnt matter who - just that he intended to kill someone and that the force he used was disproportionately excessive given the circumstances. Prison Time Murder would result in a compulsory sentence of 15 years in prison. For culpable homicide, the sentencing is discretionary (varies from fines to prison time), although its not unusual to see prison time in South Africa of 5-10 years for this type of crime. The prosecution did charge Pistorius with premeditated murder, which means they are alleging he not only intended to kill Steenkamp, but he planned it out beforehand. With that comes a compulsory life sentence. The problem here for the prosecution is that you need a robust planning element to make out this charge and thats not present here. Rather, this looks like a domestic dispute gone tragically wrong. Nel covered a lot of ground on Thursday in his summation. Here are some of the key moments. Pistorius: A Tale of Two Defences Nel accused Pistorius of having "two defences you can never reconcile". In an earlier version, Nel noted that Pistorius said he "fired" at the toilet door in self-defence, which is evidence of intent (or murder). As well, right after he killed Steenkamp, Pistorius told people that he thought she was "an intruder" but never claimed he shot accidentally. However, later on in his testimony, Pistorius shifted his defence, arguing that he fired by accident. So when Pistorius said he "didnt intend to shoot anyone" and the discharge was an "accident", he was trying to show he lacked the requisite intent for a conviction of murder. For this reason, Pistorius testified that he never "aimed" his gun at the door, but rather the gun was merely "pointing" at the door when it went off by accident. While the difference between the words "aimed" and "pointing" may seem insignificant, in the context of this case they are absolutely key. "Aiming" suggests intent while "pointing" is designed to support the accidental shooting defence. So yes – Pistorius chose his words very carefully. Its tough to believe he fired the gun by accident. He went into a dangerous situation with his firearm, disengaged the safety, proceeded down the hallway to the bathroom in a tactical manner and didnt yell out or fire a warning shot so as to avoid alerting the "intruder" to his presence. However, once facing the bathroom door, he suddenly panicked and accidentally fired four shots in quick succession. Effectively, Pistorius is seeking to convince the Court that all his decisions were conscious and intentional up until the point he was facing the bathroom door, at which point he became unhinged and lost himself. Pistorius Screams Like A Woman In his closing, Nel also noted that Pistorius promised to call a witness to prove that he "sscreams like a woman". Yeezy 350 Store. The prosecution called a number of witnesses, including Michelle Burger, Charl Johnson, Dr. Johan Stipp and Estelle van der Merwe, who testified that the lights were on and they heard arguing and screaming. Stipp recounted that he heard female screams that sounded like a woman "scared out of her mind." Burger described female screams as "petrifying" and added this: "I was sitting in bed and I heard her screams," Burger testified. "She screamed terribly and she yelled for help. I heard the screams again. It was worse. It was more intense. Just after her screams, I heard four shots. Four gun-shots... You could hear it was blood curdling screams. You cant translate it into words. The anxiousness in her voice, and fear. It leaves you cold. She screamed terribly and she yelled for help". Pistorius repeatedly alleged that he screamed like a girl. However, little in the way of compelling evidence supporting his position was presented and Nel reminded the Court of that. Steenkamp Facing the Bathroom Door In his closing, Nel argued that Steenkamp was "standing facing the accused" behind the locked bathroom door when she was killed. This is also essential to the prosecutions case. Earlier in the trial, Ballistics Expert Captain Christian Mangena testified that Steenkamp was facing the door when she was shot (rather than with her side facing the door). The first shot hit her in the right hip. The shot broke her hip and threw her back onto a magazine holder. She then assumed a defensive position by crossing her arms over her head. The second shot missed but broke into fragments and bruised her back. The third shot hit her in the right arm, which in the opinion of the expert, supports the conclusion she was shielding herself from fire. The fourth shot hit her in the head, killing her almost instantly. For the prosecution, this helps establish that Steenkamp was in the bathroom hiding from Pistorius when she was shot. If she had simply gone to the bathroom, it would have been more likely that she would not have been facing the door as she was. Steenkamp Brought Her Phone To The Bathroom and Locked The Door Nel reminded the Court that at 3am, Steenkamp took her cellphone to the bathroom and locked the door. The implication is clear: it is highly unusual for someone to take their phone to the bathroom in the middle of the night and lock the door unless they feel threatened. As Nel stated on close, "why would she find herself locked up in the toilet if there was no intruder?". Steenkamp Had A Late Meal During his close, Nel also submitted that Steenkamp consumed food about two hours before her death. According to Pistorius, the couple was in bed by 10pm. This statement was designed to counter witness testimony that the couple was up arguing very late. However, pathologist Professor Gert Saayman testified that food found in Steenkamps stomach suggested she ate within two hours of her death shortly after 3am. Nel also focused on other inconsistencies with Pistoriuss story. How did he not know Steenkamp was not in bed when he walked right by her? Wouldnt Steenkamp have yelled in the bathroom after the first shot was discharged? Why not direct her to safety before confronting the mysterious intruder? Overall, there are a number of improbabilities with Pistorius story. While each piece of evidence when considered in isolation may be insufficient to result in a murder conviction, when viewed in their totality, the evidence conspires to tell a story of a domestic dispute turned tragic. With all the complex evidence before the Court, one simple piece continues to stand out: who goes to the bathroom at 3 oclock in the morning with their cellphone and locks the door? Someone who is deathly afraid, I believe. ' ' ' 
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