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Internet of Things Influencing Day-To-Day Lives | Forum

web design
web design Jan 23 '20

The evolution of machine to machine communication is what IoT is all about and it is fast paced, which means capturing and storing of gargantuan amounts of data. The need to store data at every step has in-turn resulted in the Big data and a cloud computing boom.

Companies putting iot into practice are a huge range and are destined to grow big in the near future. Incorporation of Iot in businesses allows the companies to better assess the customer needs based on the data collected and fulfill their demands. Big data and the internet of things are the technologies to keep an eye out for.

But just how risky could this be?

There is a whole lot of cloud iot skepticism around the security issues that the conversion of day-to-day devices into a part of IoT poses. The security and privacy threats could be unimaginable with such large extent of automation. Concerns about privacy and safety will grow with the IoT trying to invade our privacy. You may never know what could be spying on you. Next time you sit in front of your television imagine it to be watching you instead of the other way around.

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