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rlic olyd
rlic olyd Nov 23 '19
IntelliFlare IQ Depressions, life crises related to work, i.e. situations that cause helplessness in us, affect our mood. Today, in the age of the Internet, we have much more opportunities to study the brain. We have new diagnostic tools and tools to monitor mental health. Just as the pulse or sugar level is measurable, so are the possibilities of daily monitoring of the health of the brain, psyche. There are countries in which psychological or psychiatric diagnosis can be made using voluntary programs that allow analyzing behavior, there are counseling centers offering such help to people, e.g. with depression or suicidal thoughts. More and more parameters can be measured - this helps both the doctor and the patient understand what is happening to him. One can imagine, under the strict protection of privacy, some kind of therapy on the telemedicine platform. There is something about it. We are recipients of an increasing amount of information from an increasing number of media. Sometimes they carry a powerful load of drama, which affects our emotions. Of course, the brain makes selections. With excess stimuli, we become indifferent in a way, we have a built-in self-defense mechanism. On the other hand, this overflow of information affects our mentality. A simple example: children. Raised from the beginning in contact with the virtual world, growing up, they do not necessarily understand the difference between what is virtual and what is real. As a consequence, some of their behavior - crime, non-compliance with social rules - are in their opinion only part of a certain game, they have nothing to do with the real world. That's why I think that knowingly recognizing how how we are attacked by the latest information carriers at any time, is important for the ability to select and eliminate threats. It's just like politics - without giving up doing it, however, we should be vigilant about what is good and what is bad. 

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