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rose melan
rose melan Jun 21 '19
Vida Tone Keto It is known that it is healthier to eat vegetables raw; however, what to do if it is winter, and shops are filled only with canned food. People often ask themselves: can you eat canned vegetables while losing weight? The composition of canned vegetables Blanks are a product that has undergone heat treatment to extend shelf life. To keep food for a long time, use sugar, pepper, salt, acetic or citric acid, soy sauce. Preservation preserves all trace elements. The composition of canned food consists of a large amount of vitamins and minerals. In winter, the deficiency of various microelements is a rather urgent problem, so it is important to use canned performs. Also, weight loss is always stressful for the body, and B vitamins and magnesium have a beneficial effect on the human nervous system. Thus, the diet on salty tomatoes is well suited. Please note that you should not eat canned before bedtime! In addition to trace elements, performs contain a large amount of fiber, which removes toxins from the body. Therefore, supplements to food, such as salty tomatoes, are essential for dieting. A small amount of protein, fat, a carbohydrate, which means calories, is suitable for weight-lifting people. However, this does not apply to corn, peas, beans; they are high in calories, not suitable for weight loss. Types of canned vegetables from time immemorial people tried to preserve various supplies for their further use. This made it possible to obtain essential vitamins when it was impossible to eat fresh food. The modern range offers a wide selection of different canned foods, but some have high calorie content. The caloric content of these canned foods ranges from 10 to 30 kilocalories per 100 grams. They make salads or eat separately. There are products that should be discarded; these are olives, olives, beans, corn, or peas. Such food has a caloric content of more than 100 calories per 100 grams. Besides the fact that you should not eat high-calorie pickles, you should not eat canned, roasted or other treatments. Home preserves such as salted cauliflower or salted mushrooms should be preferred. 

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