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julius kead
julius kead Jul 12 '19
Rapid Tone Diet If you find it difficult to find someone, your nutritionist or coach is already a great choice to help you with this task. Do not compare yourself, create your own evolution curve Although we cite that the company is an excellent motivator, it should not turn into a competition between results. Avoid comparing your body with photos of other people, especially social networks: yes, today the body worship is healed, said to be "perfect," and you are bombarded with various images of people with a sculptural body, or photos in the style "before and after". Setting goals and inspiring people who have the same goal as yours is a technique that works for some people, however when inspiration becomes comparison - the problem begins. Each one has a different metabolism and genetics, which will give the individuality of each one - so it is not healthy to compare results with other people, especially if you do not know them personally. Always refer to yourself to monitor your own evolution. Gradual Changes x Radical Changes Gradual weight changes are longer lasting than radical changes. But why? This happens because when we perform a gradual weight loss, we are accustoming our body to the new weight and lifestyle. However, when we make a radical change, the body understands that something is wrong, whether it is a food shortage or you are experiencing some danger. After all, our metabolism is not yet prepared for the sedentary life and with more accessible food - it is still prepared to store energy and live in dangerous conditions. So when we lose weight too fast and go back to the old diet, or even feed ourselves "better," our body understands that it should store as much energy as possible for a possible shortage that will happen again. Result: accordion effect. For this reason, do not hurry! Lose weight slowly, in your own time, and so you will have a healthy and long lasting weight loss . Conclusion For healthy weight loss it is important to take into account a said based on: caloric restriction and increased consumption of protein associated with physical activity. First and foremost, remember to check your health to make sure you do not have any illness that needs to be treated. 

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