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laura schuler
laura schuler Jun 3 '19
Performex Keto Heat Absolutely any person can perform them, regardless of gender, age, and training experience. The presence of injuries and pathologies also will not interfere with their application. Unique and truly working exercises, which, because of their obvious effectiveness, have not received adequate attention from the fitness community. Waste from the table Perform a controlled departure from the table when approaching feelings of satiety. The ideal technique involves a step of at least 2-3 meters. Stop looking at the laid table, or even better - leave the room. Regular repetition of the exercise will save you from extra calories and thereby lose weight. Head twists when you are offered to eat something that does not fit into your calorie balance; you need to alternately turn your head to the right and left. The ideal technique involves saying the words “Thank you, no.” Despite the humorous overtones, these exercises can really be called exercises for weight loss. They will save you extra calories, and this is the main rule of weight loss. The problem is that people are looking for exercise with weights to lose weight. You need to start with a diet, not running and training, but this is another topic. What does the best exercise for weight loss mean? There are several criteria: A big waste of calories; The pleasure of doing the exercise; Moderate amount of time needed; Minimum risk of injury and other pathologies; Simple in terms of mastering the technique of execution. There are quite a few such exercises, and their choice is determined by individual factors. Despite this, there are several truly effective exercises for weight loss. Deadlight with a barbell is a less traumatic version of deadlight, high calorie consumption, power load; Jerk or push barbell - with the right technique to perform this is the best duo of exercises, spending a large number of calories; Slow running - no more than 40 minutes at a time. Moderate waste of calories does not wear out the central nervous system, and in a time limit rarely leads to injuries; Burp is a cross fit exercise that, with proper technique, meets all the above criteria; Planck is one of the best exercises on statics. Safe and simple in terms of technology performance. It trains abdominal muscles well; jumping rope - minimum trauma, ease of implementation, variable intensity. 

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