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In order to prevent these problems and maintain proper voltages, manufacturers of LED boat lights include solid state circuitry controls also know as "drivers" as part of the entire LED lamp assembly. These drivers regulate the voltages coming into the assembly and manage them at the proper levels, maintaining output and LED stolpskyltar longevity. Oftentimes these drivers will also allow added functions such as dimming and strobing, but users should check with the manufacturing literature when choosing to ensure their device is properly rated and will provide the operation they require. For boaters running common household current such as 110-120 VAC through the use of inverters or transformers, LEDs are also available which can operate with these voltages and typically include a built in transformer which converts these voltages to DC current the LEDs can use.

It is important to note that although LEDs are far more durable than traditional incandescent lamps, as electronic devices they are still just as susceptible to the harsh conditions of the marine environment. While LEDs can certainly withstand rough handling, vibrations and impacts that would destroy a typical light bulb, the wet and corrosive conditions encountered in the marine environment remain a serious problem. As a result, it is not wise to simply install the same LED lamps you would use in your home onboard your boat. Just like with common incandescent light fixtures, LED lights to be used onboard need to be designed for use in the marine environment. Boaters should look for corrosion resistant housings and hardware, waterproof or weather resistant construction, and lenses and materials that can withstand prolonged exposure to intense UV rays. Additionally, wiring and connections also need to be protected against the elements, meaning the same attention to waterproofing connections and protecting wiring should be given as you would when installing any other type of lighting.

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