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SF 180 brain
SF 180 brain Dec 28 '19

SF 180 brain I think they look sweet and I wanted to brag... and for the tiny secondary SF 180 brain reason of trying to prove another point - try new things, keep it fresh. I don't think anyone has the right to belittle a certain medium of fitness unless you've tried it. I will admit, I have and most likely never will run a marathon. BUT, I have no problem with people who run marathons because they love it. My problem is with people who run marathons and expect to transform their body into some sort of muscle popping Michelangelo sculpture. So back to my point, the more tools you have in your toolbox, the better house you can build.Simple fitness habit Fit-minded folk, find them - start surrounding yourself with people who share the same values; or if this whole lifestyle is new to you, surround yourself with people whose values are similar to the ones you want to adopt. It'll be a helluva lot easier to live the way you want if the people around you are doing the same. Manifestation and all that stuff man.

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