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nazirb ghy
nazirb ghy Jan 15 '20
Bluoxyn age or aging skin it can look bigger than normal. Whereas if you have very thick plump skin, you can just imagine like everything is kind of condensed and like dense, right? So then your pores won't look as big, which is why things like retinols also help with pore size because it helps to like boost the thickness of skin. While our pores can't actually be shrunken or enlarged, their appearance can definitely be minimized with various tips and tricks, and good skin care habits. And this takes us into some pre skin care steps for taking good care of our pores. And the first one is, face steaming at home. So as we said in our previous pore care video, you can't actually open or close a pore, because in order to do that you need a muscle, and there is no muscle surrounding your teeny tiny


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