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tiktook fans
tiktook fans Nov 24 '19

emylia skin related ooh good ol lip balm so you know this is kind of thing that you put it on your lips feels great when these things can potentially be irritating but you put them all together I mean it's just a lot for the tiny little thin skin of your eyelids to hack it also has blue dyes which can trigger acne like rashes around the eyes even yeah I mean I don't know this seems more trouble than it's worth what else is in here there is a genocide quoi hydrating color lip treatment now that wouldn't be too too bad I can't predict what bitter cherry oil is going to do but argan oil is nice as an emollient it's got shea butter a great moisturizer it's got some peptides probably plump up your lips a little bit with hydration and one one thing about the lip treatment you know it's obviously tinted it's got red dyes in it that can cause acne cosmetic 



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