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mila jones
mila jones Aug 9 '19
Keto Body Tone Radically changing overnight can affect your body and mood; It is really important to want to change your diet. If you always think it's a big sacrifice, the diet probably won't last long. You have to feel good about your new daily life and the menu for dietary reeducation. So if there are foods you really want that are unhealthy, such as a drumstick, do not take it off your menu, simply try to reduce your intake; The worst enemies of a healthy diet these days are refined sugar and salt, bad fat, sodium and carbohydrates. It is they who will have to be gradually cut or cut from their menu; The best way to control your food reeducation menu is to prepare your meals at home. If you don't have much time, opt for quick meals to eat. Try to avoid processed foods and fast foods as much as possible; Start reading carefully the ingredients contained in the foods you buy and consume in your daily life. Try to avoid those with too much sugar, sodium, fat and carbohydrates; Drink a lot of water; Eating several meals during the day, with a maximum of 3 hours between each other, can help your stomach to shrink, and your body will always be well fed and will end up functioning more efficiently. It is always important, too, to chew the food well; If counting calories is a lot of work, try not to be so strict and think about your menu or portions of some foods by separating them into groups, or the variety of colors on your plate; Fiber can be a good ally to keep your body working well, and it is not too difficult to insert it into your menu for dietary rehabilitation. For example, add golden flaxseed to your rice and beans, the texture may change slightly, but the taste hardly changes. Oatmeal is also a high fiber food that has no strong taste and can be added to fruits; Try starting your meal with foods that will help your body metabolism , such as green leaf salad; Carbohydrates are important, but those that come from whole grains, fruits and vegetables are much better, because our bodies digest them more slowly, so we use their energy much longer. 

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