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oppoq wer
oppoq wer Dec 17 '19
instant keto it was so just for my safety I turned around started walking back to the truck me and my partner get back in the truck and we see this guy you know stumbling around looking for stuff in the car he gets out of the car remind you this car is in the middle of fucking street he gets out far opens his door wide up a truck pulls alongside him rolls down the passenger window and starts talking to him for like 15 seconds then that truck speeds away and as that truck walks away he closes his car door leaves his car in the middle of the street and starts taking off down the side but he's like stumbling away acting all crazy acting all weird so one of the ladies we at the parking that we were parked in I said did you see everything that just went went on and she said yeah I already called the cops so she called the cops the cops get there and we gave him a description of like exactly the story I just told you and I told them you know what he was wearing and everything and you know about seven minutes later they bring him back in the back of the cop car bring him back to where his car is and start interrogate him about 

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