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WHO'S LIABLE FOR A TIRE BLOWOUT INJURY from George Chakmakis's blog

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A tire blowout is one of the most common causes of car accidents in the United States. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2019, there were over 54,000 vehicle accidents in Los Angeles, California. Los Angeles has the highest number of auto accidents compared to other California counties. Therefore, there is a high probability of getting involved in a losangeles caraccident.  A tire blowout is one of the major causes of these accidents. You might wonder who is liable if you sustain an injury as a result of an accident caused by a tire blowout? According to California law, there’s a possibility that different parties are liable for the injury. These parties include:

*  The manufacture of the tire

*  The tire distributor

*  The mechanic or tire installer

*  The driver

*  The owner of the vehicle

Read on to understand further who is liable for a tire blowout injury.


Defective parts, including a defective tire, can cause a car crash. The crash can leave you with serious injuries. Some accidents occur because of a tire blowout, while others arise due to the driver's reaction after the tire outburst. You need to know who is liable in case of a tire blowout if you are to file for a successful suit against the defendant. Determining who’s liable for a tire blowout can be a complicated process. Several parties can be liable for a tire blowout injury. The manufacturer might be liable for manufacturing a faulty tire. The distributor might be liable for the blowout by storing the tire improperly, causing it to degrade and lower its quality. At times, the driver can be liable for a tire blowout injury by failing to check on any wear and tear signs on the tire. The installer might also be liable for the blowout for installing the tire incorrectly or installing the wrong type of tire. The vehicle’s owner might be responsible for a tire blowout injury for failing to replace the tire once they discover it’s defective or worn out. Due to these factors, it is prudent to employ a Los Angeles car accident lawyer's services to help you establish who’s liable for a tire blowout injury. It is crucial to reconstruct the accident to determine who is responsible for a tire blowout injury. When the experts reconstruct the accident and the events preceding it, they determine exactly what caused the accident. This means you will be able to know if a tire blowout is the cause of the accident. Consequently, you will find out who’s liable for the faulty tire.


According to California law, several parties can be liable for a tire blowout injury. These parties include the manufacturer, the driver, the installer, the car owner, or the tire distributor.


Los Angeles Car Accident Attorney , various parties can be liable for a tire blowout injury, including the manufacturer. California has product liability laws that protect consumers from manufacturers who might sell substandard products. According to California law, if a manufacturer produces and sells substandard tires that cause a tire blowout injury, they are liable for the injury. If a manufacturer allows a defective tire to leave the factory and causes an injury through a tire blowout, the manufacturer is liable for the tire blowout injury. When the defective tire causes a blowout injury, you have the right to sue the manufacturer for compensation. It is advisable to use the services of a well-experienced car accident lawyer to file your lawsuit. By using a well-seasoned lawyer, you increase your chances of receiving compensation from the defendant. According to the California product liability laws, the manufacturer is liable for the injuries caused by their products' malfunction. Such malfunctions can be caused by:

*  Manufacturing Defects

*  Design Defects

*  Failure to Warn


According to California's product liability laws, a manufacturing defect means that the product, in this case, a tire has a defect that the manufacturer did not intend. According to California law, although the fault might be unintentional, the manufacturer is liable for any damage the product causes.  The defects occur when the tire veers off its intended purpose and becomes dangerous to the user. A manufacturing defect can result from the quality of the raw material used to make the product or due to human error.

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