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We can return and do floor 1 again. from Dingbest's blog

We can return and do floor 1 again. When we complete it, the match will observe that we've got a present advancement of 1 (from finishing flooring 1 in this run) but a preceding progress of 4. It will calculate XP with the preceding prestige of RuneScape gold 4, not 1. This will be averaged with the flooring numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 as we do those floors. This guarantees that we're rewarded for being done 4 floors in a row without repeating any.

The Way Prestige Changes XP Granted for Floors. The prestige system means that if you reset advancement and go back to earlier floors, you get more XP than you did the first time you finished them, but significantly less than you may when you replicate the deeper floors. For example, if my prior progress (prestige) is 9 once I reset, then when I go back to perform floor 1 the XP is going to be based on averaging 9 and 1. When I do flooring 2, it is going to be averaging 9 and two, and so on. I will get the most foundation XP once I work my way back down to floor 9, where I will be averaging 9 and 9. Overallthis works out to approximately 25% less XP than if the game let you repeat your deepest level without a prestige punishment.

Notice, though, that I will still get more XP for even flooring 1 than the very first time I did this, since the very first time, I had been averaging floor 1 and prestige 1 (yielding base XP calculated on an average of 1) and now I'm averaging flooring 1 and prestige 9 (yielding base XP calculated in an averge of 5). This means that, all else being equal, I'll get as much XP doing flooring 1 using a prestige of 9 as I did the first time I did flooring 5 with a prestige (current advancement ) of 5.

In the same way, there's scarcely any reason to ever update a floor and take the"zero prestige" penalty. If you consider it, you are always better off to Best OSRS Gold site conserve progress and start over at ground 1, because averaging a 1 from ground 1 having a high prestige figure is far better than averaging a high floor amount with a prestige of zero.

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