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/>re-wrap">Oral and written language has always been one of the most important issues in communication and relationships within any society. Well-developed oral and written language skills contribute to the successful delivery of messages among people, as well as ensure that important information will be transferred to another generation. Thus, it can be defined as a driving force of the progress and foundation of society and communication as we find out from elegant essay

By developing oral language skills, a person becomes able to impart his/her message accurately and to understand the interlocutor. Since listening and speaking are the most important factors of communication, the improvement of oral language plays an important role in establishing new relationships, informing people about a certain subject, and contributing to the development of comprehension, reading, and writing. In addition, it helps a person to obtain new knowledge through a conversation and spoken interaction. For example, learning a foreign language is highly effective using oral techniques. Therefore, it can be stated that oral language is inevitable part of socialization and development of individuals.

/>re-wrap">The purposes of a good speaker are successful delivery of information and attraction of the audience. Using compelling language, professional vocabulary, and specific oral techniques, a good speaker can concentrate the attention of people on a certain issue. Such ability is highly important since it ensures that information is not only delivered to the audience, but also that people has comprehended the message. Hence, it can be stated that a good speaker is defined as a person who can deliver information and convince the audience.

/>re-wrap">Oral speech is one of the most common ways of delivering information to the audience. Thus, it can be stated that it has six main purposes (categories), which require different tones of voice, examples, and even words. These are to inform, instruct, entertain, motivate, stimulate, and persuade a certain audience. Informing about a particular issue is the most common purpose of oral speech. Instructing is a specific category that requires the comprehension of delivered information. Entertaining is a purpose of speech difficult to achieve since its content should provoke certain emotions and responses in the audience. Motivating people is another purpose of oral speech, which can inspire them to perform certain actions. Stimulation activates certain ideas, suggestions, and key concepts. Persuading the audience encourages individuals to believe in the importance of the delivered topic. Thus, it can be stated that the purposes of oral speech produce certain effects on the audience.

/>re-wrap">Alongside the importance of oral language, written language is also an extremely important element of communication, socialization, and development. It can be stated that it is a visual demonstration of oral language skills. Thus, it is highly dependent on the latter. However, written language plays a crucial role in storing and transferring information from one generation to another. It contributes to the development of society, formalization of academic and practical learning, and the exchange of knowledge on the global level. Using written language, students can demonstrate their opinions, feedbacks, and ideas on the paper, which in turn develops the learning process. Thus, written language is irreplaceable part of the latter.

/>re-wrap">I expect that the presented course will improve my oral skills. It will help me to comprehend the basic elements of good oral speech and develop all qualities of a good speaker. Also, I hope that that this course will help me to learn how to implement different oral techniques.

/>re-wrap">To conclude, oral and written language is an irreplaceable factor of the development of society and communication. The first one helps to comprehend new information through a spoken interaction. A good speaker is a person who successfully delivers the message to the audience. While the purpose of oral speech is to make a certain effect on people, written language contributes to the formalization of knowledge and exchange of information among people.






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