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2K Sports agreed to make NFL games, but EA will retain the exclusive rights to NFL simulation games. Madden, FIFA, and NHL-EA Sports have now become official partners and continue to be successful. With real players, real teams and real stadiums, EA Sports has always been the leading title in many sports. Therefore, it is not surprising to see them seeking to renew their contract with the NFL. In the game of madden from start to finish, MUT Coins will be one of the most important tools in the game. Most of the ways to obtain mutcoins are also purchased from the website, and most players will choose GameMS.

NFL reporter Albert Breer confirmed in a tweet this week that the team owner is voting to approve the expansion of EA Sports' exclusive rights to produce simulation games for the NFL. Their biggest competitor, 2K Sports, recently acquired the right to make "arcade-style" NFL games, the first time in nearly 16 years that the NFL has dealt with anyone other than EA.

EA's summer showcase EA Play has always contributed a big piece to Madden. Therefore, we are likely to see the major news of Madden 21 on EA Play on June 11. Now that madden 21 is coming, I suggest players should Buy Madden Coins  now, and accumulating in the game will inevitably take time, GameMS is a good choice, the goods inside are safe and cheap.
On Thursday, the owner of the National Football League extended the deal with Electronic Arts and continued a 30-year partnership. The NFL Players Association recently approved the agreement. For at least the next six years, Maden ’s franchise will continue to be part of the gaming world. And Madden 21 is coming soon, you haven't rushed to accumulate MUT Coins, to prepare for the new season.

The current contract is scheduled to expire after the 2021 season. The expansion means that by 2026, EA Sports will continue to be the sole football simulation game publisher in the league. Cam Weber, executive vice president of EA Sports, said the two sides have had a conversation for several months. Many people want to know what the future of this relationship will be after 2K Sports signed an agreement with the NFL to produce non-simulated games in March.

The number of players in Madden 20 has increased by 30%. According to Electronic Arts, the game has been played for more than 330 million hours since its release in August last year. In the past few months, because of the coronavirus pandemic that has restricted people to their homes, the company ’s gameplay has also increased significantly, and many games are played between friends and on TV.

"Madden NFL 21" will be released in early August and will debut next week. Whether it is a new version or an old version, MUT Coins are important items. You can Buy MUT Coins on GameMS, which is safe and convenient.
According to official sources, Madden 21 will release its debut for its fans on June 1. The Madden series is undoubtedly the most successful of all sports video games. The latest issue of Madden 21 will be launched this summer. Similar to previous versions, MUT 21 Coins play a vital role in the game, not only allowing players to create their own clan, but also getting star players, greatly improving the player's game experience. However, according to EA Madden Twitter, the first appearance will decline on June 1. When will Madden 21 be released?

Now we know when the appearance of the first glance will decline, but the official release date of Madden 21 is unknown. It was probably in August, because that was when most games in the series had fallen in the past. By then, Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson will be the first time in his career.

Although it has long been thought that modifying the cover of Madden is a curse-like the demon on the cover of Sports Illustrated-maybe last season was finally broken. In this year, Patrick Mahomes of the Kansas City Chiefs boarded the cover of Madden 20. He continued to win the Super Bowl.

Currently, the best part about Madden abandoning its first glance is any changes to the franchise yadeto graphics, as well as some new actions and subtle changes. As usual, gamers can Buy MUT 20 Coins before buying games in the store. GameMS is a virtual currency trading website that is not to be missed, with high security and low prices. Prior to this, NFL fans can play their Madden 20 and hope to enjoy some training camp moves before the start of the new season.
Last week Raidel "Joke" Brito won the 2020 Madden Bowl, the last game of EA Sports' "Maden 20" championship series. Fan players who want to get star players in the game can Buy Madden Coins on GameMS, which can enhance their strength and game experience.

Usually, players will invest a lot of money in the quarterback. Brito took the opposite route. He rotated between two QBs, the Washington Redskins pitcher Tress Way and the former New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning. Manning is a quarterback, but Brito said that he is using the worst version and therefore the cheapest version. Way was chosen as the cheapest left-handed boatman because the guard will obviously vary depending on the hand used in the handover.

Brito believes that his best defensive player is a special version of Kansas City Chiefs professional bowler Frank Clark, with the ability to be a "power expert". The traits make Clark a defensive player, breaking through the inside and raging at a speed of 90. Virtual Clark has an average of about 4 sacks per game and 5 minutes per quarter.

On paper, the offense is a simple 22 formation (two guards, two tights), which is already very clumsy. But then look at who is in the receiving position. The crux: Cleveland Brown's offensive tackle legend Joe Thomas and the Philadelphia Eagles' right tackle Ryan Johnson. Wider receiver: Terron Armstead on the left of the New Orleans Saints. While we look forward to the follow-up games together, Madden 21 will also be released. Players can now log in to GameMS to buy enough MUT 21 Coins and other items to prepare for the new version.
The Chicago Bears and the Seattle Seahawks meet in the Madden 20 NFL simulation game on Tuesday night. If you also want to create your own team, you can Buy Madden Coins on GameMS to achieve it, and you can also get star players.

The Chicago Bears will perform well in their first Sim Classic game, winning 17-12 last time against the Tennessee Titans. Alan Robinson II led the Bears with 90 points and 93 acceleration and 96 catches on the offensive end, while Trey Burton scored 82 at the near end, while Taylor Gabriel had 81 points. Tarik Cohen led Bear Stearns in the backcourt with a 78-point championship, while Mitch Trubisky still started Chicago with a 73-point championship. Defensively, Khalil Mack leads Chicago with a combined score of 98, a speed of 87 and an acceleration of 89, a tackle of 94, a block of 90, a fall of 91, 91 skill moves and 95 power moves. Eddie Jackson ’s overall score on freedom and safety is 89, its area coverage is level 94, acceleration is 90, Kyle Fuller ’s speed and acceleration when bending back are 92, area range is 91, Akiem Hicks ’overall defensive end on the left The score is 88, with 91 blocks and 89 power moves.

The Seattle Seahawks hope to perform well in the simulation classics, achieve a 2-1 record and win the knockout, and then lose to New Orleans in the semifinals. Russell Wilson relied on 97 speed, 90 acceleration and 93 agility, 91 shooting ability and 93 short passing percentage, 94 passing percentage and 96 deep passing percentage, leading the Seahawks with an overall score of 97 . Tyler Lockett is the best WR in Seattle, with an overall score of 88, including 93 catches, 93 speeds, 92 acceleration and 97 agility, while Chris Carson also has 86 speeds, 89 acceleration and 91 straight arms on the RB score. On the defensive side, Bobby Wagner is the leader of the Seahawks, with an overall score of 98 points, a tackle score of 96 points, a block of 90 points, an impact of 98 points, and a chase and game recognition score of up to 90 points. Jadeveon Clowney chased with 95, 91 with game recognition, 87 speed and 90 acceleration on the d line, ranked 88th.

With the progress of a game, Madden 21 is also coming. Come and accumulate Madden 21 Coins at GameMS to prepare for the new season.
5. Lamar Jackson (92 OVR)
Jackson currently has a 96 OVR Speed and a 96 OVR Acceleration. He is one of the fastest players in the entire game while being the fastest quarterback on the regular roster. Jackson’s throw power is 92 OVR, with his Short-Throw Accuracy being a 92 OVR, Medium Throw Accuracy being an 83 OVR, and lastly, his Deep-Throw Accuracy being a 86 OVR.By the way, in madden 20, the player can Buy MUT Coins, thereby enhancing his own strength and creating his own team.

4. Christian McCaffrey (99 OVR)
McCaffrey has 92 OVR Speed, 93 OVR Acceleration, and 97 OVR Awareness. All of that combined makes him almost unstoppable on the field. If you add his 82 OVR Catching, 89 OVR Jumping, 88 OVR Punt/Kick Returns, he is a dual-threat player.

3. Aaron Donald (99 OVR)
Donald is a nightmare to play against but it is amazing to have on your team. His 83 OVR Speed and 89 OVR Acceleration comes as a surprise to me but makes him even more of a threat to offensives. Donald has a 99 OVR Awareness rating and 99 OVR Strength, which will help you a lot against teams with powerful running games.

2. Michael Thomas (99 OVR)
With his speed being at just 89 OVR, he isn’t going to be someone who makes a big play from just a screen pass, but he can get catch the tough throws and make big plays out of little to no space. He is most useful when thrown to in the middle of the field, where he can take the ball and make a play with both sides of the field open.

1. Patrick Mahomes (99 OVR)
Patrick Mahomes is the single best passer in Madden 20, with a 96 OVR Throw Power. He throws a beautiful deep ball, especially when his X-Factor is reached, and he can get away from most pass rushers with his 81 OVR Speed.

madden21 is coming, players are accumulating Madden 21 Coins to prepare for the next version, but obtaining mut coins through the game will cost players a lot of time, and GameMS is a safe and convenient virtual currency trading website Most players are the first choice.
In the upcoming 10th week of the NFL season, we are all inviting guests. When the 49ers face the New Orleans Saints in the Mercedes-Benz Superdome, this will be the replay of the best game of all football last season. In the madden 20 video game, madden coins play a big role. MUT 21 Coins can be used to buy star players, create teams, and enhance their own strength.

EA Sports' Madden 20 didn't like the chance of 49ers entering Big Easy and defeating the Saints for the second consecutive season. In the simulation of The Checkdown, 49 people fell to the saints 24-10 on the road. In this simulation season, the lost NFC championship fell to 5-5.

Rookie catcher Brandon Aiyuk made a short pass, ending the first half and giving the 49ers a 10-7 lead. Aiyuk's appearance in the first year was huge for Garoppolo and the entire 49ers offense. In the end, losing 14 points and dropping to 5-5 after 10 games is far from ideal. The 49ers will need to start quickly to participate in stacked NFC games again, obviously they did not do so in the simulation.

Garoppolo may be the best performer in the real world last season when the 49ers faced the Saints in the 14th week of the game. He took 349 yards, four touchdowns and one interception. As the game progresses, the game madden 21 is being planned and is expected to be released soon. Players can Buy Madden Coins on GameMS to enhance the strength of their team, and they can also make full preparations for the next version.
People at The Checkdown are currently using the Madden 20 video game (updating the list after the draft) to simulate the 2020 NFL season. Madden 20 is a rugby video game in which MUT 21 Coins can be used to purchase the Ultimate Superstar version of the game, which can open up a new world for players. And halfway through the season, the Vikings were in a bad situation. In the past ten weeks, their record is 3 wins and 6 losses, ranking last in the NFC North.

At the start of the season, the simulated Vikings lost to the Packers 34-28 in the first week and started under difficult circumstances. The Vikings defeated the Titans in the third week and achieved their first victory of the season, but the subsequent defensive dilemma continued, and they lost 41-20 in Houston next week. Ouch. In the Sunday night football match of Week 5, the Seahawks struggled to lose to the Seahawks 27-24. These video games The Vikings fell to 1-4, but rebounded after defeating the Falcons at home. 2-4 entered Goodbye Week.

In the eighth week, the Viking Pirates basically watched their division champion hopes shattered. In Lambeau's Packers lost to the Packers, they beat the top opponents 27-2. The defeat of the Lions in the second week provided some life for the Vikings, but then lost to the Bears in the 10th week and suffered a terrible defeat.

That's the situation now. The Vikings entered the last seven games of the year 3-6. They must drop by at least 6-1 to make the playoffs, which seems unlikely given their poor performance. Four of their six losses have lost six points or less, so I want to be frustrated at TCO Performance Center. And as the schedule advances, madden21 will also be released, but the specific date has not yet been set. Players can Buy Madden Coins first, prepare props for the upcoming new version, and they will move further from customs clearance.
Being able to complete the game through the slam dunk Vinsanity style is crucial for any guard in the NBA 2K20. In the game NBA 2K20 MT, it is also crucial to NBA 2K20 MT Coins. You can Buy 2K20 MT Coins to build your own team and improve your strength and competitiveness. In order to successfully perform these flashy actions in the game, you need to set the finishing badge correctly. Here is information about the first 5 badges equipped to maximize your players' collation ability.

Contact trimmer
Easy to become one of the most important completion badges in the game. Increases your player's chance of successfully achieving a dunk or layup. If the completion attribute of your build is at any time in the 1980s or higher, this badge will greatly increase your player's dominance in the field.

Giant killer
Some players like to keep their guards short, reduce their reliance on dunks, and let the basketball players finish the game on the edge of the rim. This is where the Giant Killer comes into play, because it improves the efficiency of layups against tall defenders and reduces the chance of being blocked and rejected at the rim.

Pro Touch
Pro Touch is a badge that can provide you with more time, so that you can better schedule time. If you have no problem in arranging the layup time correctly, the badge ’s Hall of Fame level will ensure that your efforts are successful almost every time.

In order to further improve your layup finishing game, Constant Finisher is a badge that will definitely find its place in your arsenal. As the name suggests, it can help you build a score more steadily by reducing the penalty for wrong timing upload attempts.

Slithery Finisher
No matter what type of shield you use, Slithery Finisher is an absolutely necessary finishing badge. It greatly improves the player's ability to avoid contact with the opposing player during a dunk or layup.

I believe that after reading this guide, you will be able to play NBA 2K20 more easily, and the new version of NBA 2K21 MT is coming. Now is the time for players to Buy 2K21 MT Coins to prepare for the new version 2K21 MT, Gamems is a reliable secondary market operator, and is the website of choice for many players to purchase game currency.

E-sports rival Raidel "Joke" Brito won the 2020 Madden Bowl Championship without losing a single vote in the entire tournament. In fact, Brito even chose the bettor for his quarterback position. Brito did not spend his allocated salary on the top QB, but went to Washington Redskins Punter Tress Way. It has to be mentioned that in the game Madden 20, players can use MUT Coins to become stronger. They can even buy star players and create their own teams. In GameMS, the best place to buy mutcoins is not only Discounts, manual services throughout the transaction, and more importantly, high security, so it has become the preferred website for players to Buy Madden Coins .

ESPN said, "Crazy competitor and commentator" Taylor "TDAVIS" Davis said: "In this season, we participated in three major events." "The joke is on the way to winning the annual finals. Won the fifth, third and third places. He is the best player in the top 20 of "British Power" so far. Now he must be considered as the top five in history. "

Some of Brito's most important players include defensive end Frank Clark of the Kansas City Chiefs and former National Football League security Taylor Metz. Brito became excited when he accepted his title. He dedicated his victory to his friend Taylor "SpotMe" Robertson, who was shot at the Madden Championship in Jacksonville, Florida in 2018. Brito took away the $ 65,000 and 24-carat gold plate Madden Championship Belt, which contained more than 700 Swarovski rhinestones and weighed 12 pounds.

With the upcoming half of 2019, madden 21 will also appear in front of everyone. Players are welcome to log in to GameMS to buy Madden 21 Coins and other props to prepare for the new version.

The Detroit Lions and the San Francisco 49ers met in the Madden20 simulation game on Sunday night. NBA 2K20 is the 21st basketball simulation video game in the NBA 2K series and has been released on Microsoft Windows, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Like other previous versions of madden, with the huge help of MUT Coins, we can get a better experience in the highly anticipated game. GameMS is a good game currency trading platform and is the platform of choice for most players to Buy Madden Coins.

The Detroit Lions did not have the No. 1 player in the 1990s, but the top three players were Damon Harrison, Darius Sligh and Trey Floris, on the defensive end. The Lions had two respected receivers in the mid-1980s by Kenny Golladay and Marvin Jones, and quarterback Matthew Stafford ranked 82nd with an acceleration rate of 78. Not only did the Lions defend well in this game, but when you throw Danny Amendola, the trio ’s receivers are also good, but this team has some shortcomings. Perhaps the lack of top talent or quarterback is almost the same as his entire career, but the Lions have not competed with it on Madden20.

The San Francisco 49ers have 10 different players with an overall score of 85 or more. George Kittle led the sprint with an overall score of 97 points, and cornerback Richard Sherman scored a combined 94 points. Defending Nick Bosa, wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders and left tackle Joe Staley each scored 89 points. The San Francisco 49ers are clearly one of the most balanced and highly rated teams in the game. Quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo has a score of 84, and the acceleration is above average to avoid stress.

The Detroit Lions are better than most people think. There are some underestimated receivers who can play, but they can't compete with teams above average. The San Francisco 49ers are one of the strongest teams in the game, with a total of 10 players and an overall score of at least 85 points, and defense is not a joke. You must assume that the 49ers can control both sides of the ball and win easily. Not only the results of the match are expected, but also the upcoming Madden 21, Madden series of universal and medium currency MUT coins will also be updated to
Madden 21 Coins, which can be used to purchase cards and keep them in the Ultimate Team. Players are advised to accumulate MUT Coins from now on, and make full preparations for the upcoming new version.
The Los Angeles Rams will wear their redesigned uniforms at the end of the tunnel at SoFi Stadium later this year. These uniforms will be posted on Twitter on Wednesday. If you do n’t see them on the spot or in person, it ’s hard to have a good impression of the appearance of the uniform. In madden, different uniforms will enhance the player's gaming experience. Players can Buy Madden Coins on GameMS to exchange these items, and the transaction process is simple and fast.

It will take a few months to see the players wearing their costumes on Sunday, but EA Sports helps fans visualize their uniforms through new videos shared by the Rams.

It shows the royal and bone uniforms used in "Breakthrough", giving gamers a glimpse of how they will look in the next round of football franchise.

You can see the details of the jersey in the video, such as the patch on the chest, the curves on the numbers and the metal helmet. According to the video, it can be clearly seen that blue and yellow uniforms are by far the best.

As we all know in the game madden 20, MUT Coins play an important role, not only can be used to buy star players, but also to create their own team. And madden21 is coming, players should collect mutcoins as early as possible to prepare for the new version.

NBA 2K20 MT (My Team) is a new game mode added in the NBA 2K series to build your own team, where you need to complete continuous challenges and need to invest more energy to manage them, which also Known as NBA 2K20 MT.

During this release cycle, the flow of the new series of products has been non-stop, and it seems to have increased during the isolation period. And the release of the Galaxy Opal Lamar Odom last month caused a sensation. To a lesser extent, emphasizing the Galaxy Opal Kevin Love set by the latest Buzzer Beaters is an additional obstacle. But none of these distributions are the kind of cards that lead the entire conversation related to NBA 2K20 MyTeam.

If we look at the content that NBA 2K20 MyTeam has released, there are only three cards that might still be shaken in May. These cards have not yet been announced, but we expect a knockout before expecting everything to be invested in NBA 2K21.

Due to the passive advantage of its model, most Antetokounmpo cards have higher grades than their gems. This means that 98 whole pink diamonds Antetokounmpo already feel like galaxy opal. Players can use NBA 2K20 MT to increase their chances of getting diamonds, and want to Buy NBA 2K21 MT coins that can improve the strength and competitiveness of players, Gamems is the ideal place to visit.

The 2K season may be interrupted, so in the rookie of the New Orleans Pelicans, 2K may lose its appeal, so he has no chance to have a personal performance that produces a Galaxy Opal card. And I'm pretty sure that even in May, the Galaxy Opal Zion will move the needle.

The 2K season may be interrupted, so in the rookie of the New Orleans Pelicans, 2K may lose its appeal, so he has no chance to have a personal performance that produces a Galaxy Opal card. And I'm pretty sure that even in May, the Galaxy Opal Zion will move the needle.

NBC Sports Washington is conducting a crazy simulation of the "Raven 2020" season. Every day, we will publish the summary and statistics of the new game in the scheduled 2020 opponent list. For fans, MUT Coins play an important role in the game madden 20. It takes a lot of time to accumulate props in the game, and the process is very cumbersome. At this time, players will choose to buy mutcoins on GameMS. Coins, with a better game experience, can also be used to buy star players and create their own teams.

The virtual Ravens lost, and the Steelers defeated the Ravens with a score of 21-0, which was enough to pull off on a night where the Ravens attack never rhythmically. In the second week, the Ravens were in trouble again. Jackson, who had one of the larger yards this season, didn't score any touchdowns, and he turned the ball twice for the second consecutive week. The Ravens were almost completely turned away until Gus Edwards scored a touchdown at the last minute, when the game had run out of control 28-0 in Pittsburgh.

The Ravens have made mistakes throughout the virtual season, but they have managed to solve them every time in the past six weeks. This good luck suddenly stopped in the seventh week. Not only did they send the ball twice, but again they didn't hand over another team. This is a disturbing trend, saying the last time, and all injuries were done as soon as possible. Jackson ’s two turnovers led to the Steelers ’second quarter touchdown, which gave them a 14-0 lead. They will never be close to giving up. This sportsmanship attracts many fans. At the same time, players who like to play madden 20 should know that the new madden 21 is coming. You can buy Madden 21 Coins on GameMS to prepare for the new version smoothly.

Lamar Jackson has not experienced many struggles in his young career, but he is now playing back-to-back, intercepting several times. Now, he and the team have 2 weeks to make up for this loss, because the 8th week is the team's goodbye.
In just two seasons of the Madden Championship Series, Wood has ranked 21st in the historical prize list and won $ 58,500 in five EA contests. As we all know, in madden, players can use MUT 20 Coins to buy star players, which can be a step closer to winning the game.

For the first time since he was 5 years old, he remembered the controller. Dwayne Wood dreamed of playing his role in the popular Madden NFL football video game series. However, on April 20, childhood fantasy almost became a reality.

In just two seasons of the Madden Championship Series, Wood has ranked 21st in the historical prize list and won $ 58,500 in five EA contests.

Due to the popularity of COVID-19, professional sports leagues have basically closed, and e-sports have also received attention. The World Health Organization even supports the social alienation program that Blizzard and the famous game developer Zynga first launched in March. Fans and players are also very keen on this event, playing madden20 with their friends at home, players can buy MUT 21 Coins on GameMS to build and enhance their team.

For elite competitors like Wood, e-sports has also become a profitable business, which means that these seemingly leisurely pastimes are no longer just games.
Darren said: "It's not just frustrating." "It's like how he played, as if he already knew what I was going to do. In the past, when he didn't take Madden seriously, he gave me almost 100 points.

Wood actually tested his ability for the first time in 2009. However, all Wood wants is to deliver the dream belt of the champion to his front door. This is his motivation for almost two years, he does not want to let the opportunity slip away.

Wood said: "I have to wear it on my shoulder at least once, just like WWE (Professional Wrestling Champion)."
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