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In a general perspective, people believe that just hire a competent and genuine Mover and make all your shifting programs successful without any complication. But, it is not perfectly true. There are some elements that boldly and directly affect your overall house shifting experiences. Thus, before thinking anything and hiring a Packers and Movers in Bandra or in any city keep these top 10 tips in mind and do accordingly for the most desirable moving result.


  1. Today’s Advanced Online mobile apps can be utilized at any spur of the moment. It saves both your valuable time and money by letting you hire the most genuine and adept moving company easily and quickly.
  2. If you don’t prefer an online mobile app, then start collecting 4 to 5 price quotations from different Household Shifting Companies. It will help you compare and choose the most appropriate Packers and Movers in Mumbai as well as in other cities.
  3. Never ignore to book the nearest parking zone for your moving transport. The more your transport stands the more it can charge.
  4. Sale out on OLX (any online platform) or donate your useless, extra, furniture, old goods, electronic items, etc. this is a good idea to save your money against unnecessary boxes.
  5. Local Movers – This would be a perfect choice for local home shifting requirements either within a city or to a nearby city. For instance, hiring an efficient and affordable local Packers and Movers from Bandra to Kalyan, Pune, or just to another nearby location, such as Bhiwandi, Pimpri, etc. would be the most perfect decision.

Domestic house shifting Companies – This one is the best for moving your household's materials to distant places. For example, hiring a Domestic Packers and Movers from Bandra to Delhi, Hyderabad or, Kolkata, Bangalore, and Chennai would be fairly more profitable.    

International Packer Mover – They are efficient and authorized for shifting your house holding goods from one country to another either by air or by sea route.

  1. Discuss with your mover in advance regarding your specific requirements, such as They can transport your vehicle, like Car or Bike (if you have any); They deal in Pet or Plant relocation services (if you possess any); and, They can provide you Warehouse Services for few days (if required)
  2. The compiling period of the approaching and the current months (i.e. from 25th to the 10th) are seen as pick moments for Packers and Movers in Bandra as well as in other cities, so always prefer a date that falls in the mid of the month (i.e. in between 11th 24th)
  3. You should also ignore weekends (i.e. Saturdays and Sundays) instead; prefer working days of the week (i.e. Monday to Friday).
  4. Check the official website of your preferred moving company – check for all the essential details; Read out the Reviews and Ratings on Google given by previous customers; Go through the Glassdoor Reviews too given by its internal employees; and, if possible easily, pay a visit to the office in person on any weekend
  5. Never miss or ignore to prepare the moving day special bag. It will help you a lot on the way. It contains all such essential items which are required every now and then.


Closing Thoughts:

Presently, the shifting of household goods is not a headache anymore. The most affecting term is choosing the most justifying Packer Movers in Mumbai or in other cities. Nonetheless, following these 10 golden tips seriously will save both your time and money tremendously. It will chop down last minute disturbances too. Furthermore, hiring the best Mover also ensures the best safety to your goods and timely performance. Relocate to the most desiring destination with all your stuff safely – follow the golden moving rules.


Summary: We love to hire packers and movers as they make us feel comfortable at the tough time of moving. But you would be surprised to know that certain items cannot be carried by the moving professionals. So, we are penning down this article that helps you to know those items that you should not transport with moving professionals. So, just stay tuned to read this post for more information:

Hiring moving professionals heaves a sigh of relief for us as by acquiring their help we come out of those woods that relocation throws upon us. By getting the support of renowned moving professionals we can easily grab a seamless moving experience. But at the same time, we must have knowledge about which household goods can be easily moved by the moving professionals and what are those goods that must not be moved by the professional movers and packers. So, this time, if you are planning to move your sweet abode with the aid of Packers and Movers in Chennai? If yes, we are crafting this articlethat helps you to understandthe list of those items that cannot be moved by a professional moving organization.

The Transportation of Hazardous Items: At the time of shifting our sweet abode, we must not handover any hazardous material to the moving professionals. You may have in your home lots of explosives, flammable, toxic substances. Instead of handing over these items to the moving professionals, you must dispose of these items quite carefully. The certain important toxic substances that should be necessarily disposed of by us before shifting are: Car Batteries, Ammonia, Cleaning Solvents, Fertilizers, Fuels, Oils, Kerosene, Pesticides, and Paints and Varnishes, etc.

Perishable Items: At the time of shifting our home, we cannot take along perishable items with us. So, it is strictly prohibited to take along with us perishable items such as frozen food, plants produce, uncanned foods, food without any preservatives, refrigerated foods, etc. So, as per our advice, you must make sure to empty your refrigerator at the time of moving ahead to a new destination.

Items of Personal Use of Carrying High Sentimental Value: We Indians love materialistic objects and love to cherish our possessions life-long.Therefore, we should not transport the items of personal use or those objects that carry high emotional value for us with the aid of Packers and Movers Chennai Velacherry. A hefty amount of cash or jewelry, Cell Phones, financial documents, insurance policies, medical and dental records, school records such as school leaving certificate or migration certificate, passport, confidential documents of the new home, etc. should not be transported with the moving professionals. As the above-mentioned documents are extremely confidential, you must avoid transporting these important documents through moving professionals as we always have a risk of theft during the transit of these documents.

If you are planning to hire Packers and Movers from Chennai to Coimbatore as you are planning to shift from Chennai to Coimbatore, apart from checking that the moving professionals are genuine or not, you must ask from them if they have particularly prohibited the transportation of any other items apart from the above-mentioned items. In this way, it will be extremely easy for you to plan out the relocation event in a hassle-free manner.

The Closing Thoughts:

At the time of shifting our home, the knowledge of these restricted items that cannot be carried by moving professionals makes our home shifting well planned and comfortable. If you are looking for more advice, you can also check out How to Plan and Handle Your Next Shifting With Packers and Movers Chennai. We wish you all the best for accomplishing your next home shifting endeavors in the year 2020.

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