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There is definitely a lack of vision within the rs3 team from Smarthuiyuan's blog


Saying aquarium is not the exact same old method of OSRS gold instruction is very questionable. Isn't Mahogony Homes with the exact same old method of coaching for OSRS too? It absolutely is. At least Aquarium brings out more ways of adding fishing into it. If you are taking a look at brand new ways of building coaching, wait a couple of months until RS3 includes new brand Construction approaches in the fashion of Safecracking at RS3. It has only been revealed in the livestream ongoing currently.

In MH you need to go across the world to fill the homes of particular NPCs with furniture that is a far cry from. Aquarium was basically a fishing upgrade that happened to include a brand new good training procedure. So it is still the same on-the-hot-spot kind of classic training method without anything extra like fishing and rewards added in Aquarium.

Calling MH and traditional con precisely the exact same way of instruction because they both utilize hotspots is extremely obtuse. One is standing in precisely the same tile for long periods of time and the other is teleporting around the game world. RS3 releasing a new way is totally irrelevant to what we had been talking.

Yeah but at least they've had real reasons to train it for all the useful things they could add in their PoH. Rs3 the only motive to train structure is for pursuit reqs or max. We construct other things in many many more Player Owned content that OSRS doesn't have. We now have Player Owned Ports, Farms, Slayer Dungeon, Researchers, Machine and so on.

There is definitely a lack of vision within the rs3 team

And they mentioned on flow that they're planning a construction update for after this year! For once I'll actually disagree. I am impressed by Buy RS gold what they showed on flow, so I will give them credit where it's due. I think at this point though I have lost interest in playing frequently and I will only do Orthen the pursuit. I will give them credit if they actually release it this season, which would be the very first time in years.

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