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The OSRS Mining Experience from Dingbest's blog

You forgot to bring the guy logging in underneath you and telling you how to hop. I could stand the crap exp rates if it was a bit less stay intensive. Just make rocks behave like trees and have a chance of depleting. I really don't know why WC provides a better xp/log than mining and it's so much less click intensive. You also make waaaay less gp about the method to 99 if you compare it into RuneScape gold mlm. Yeah but I can't get angry at RS for the state of source costs except in the context of bots ruining ore rates. Not actually a skilling criticism per se.

Not its the resource falls out of bossing and that. I'm not high enough level to boss so I don't know a lot about how many funds enter the game through drops. I think its a lot more than enters the game through spiders, which seemingly was type of intentional (which jagex seemingly dropped the prices of resources this way intentionally to get rid of skilling bots). It seems bosses often drop thousands or hundreds of skilling items that would take several hours to get thru skilling.

That means you won't find wealthy. Even tho I hate when folks compare everything to Vorkath, I am a hypocrite. So compared to almost 1B for 300 hours at Vorkath. Is that because iron is just level 15?

At least you can make decent cash training RC at quite lower levels if you apply the abyss. Mining is just cancer. Discover volcanic mine. It'll change your life. Blast mining is much better money and Xp compared to mlm (for greater mining lvl idk about reduced lvl) I got from 98-99 pretty quickly. I'd get a ~170k xp drop after amassing 900 dynamite value of ore that's ~1500 ore.

Simply make rocks behave like trees and also have a chance of depleting. Meanwhile rs3 be similar to"Perhaps you have heard of Old School RS Gold the mining and smithing rework? Oh wait you are still mining iron like it's 2005". Man, that could be among the few things I'd bring back to osrs from rs3. S & m upgrade was such a huge improvement to the first.

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