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The issue is not people running a specific play every down from Nanlina chen's blog

There's a fix for it. Not continuing to run stock cover 3, or merely putting you corner is in deep halves, this dude sat at the same coverage, then called me awful for conducting a beater that has literally worked in MUT because at least 17, he could have switched from it held his tongue, but he came at me calling me bad. The article I was running went under the third, then proceeded a bit more upfield to Mut 20 coins for sale get over the other third. The flatter one thats more like an in route. Either way, thats because, the LBs arent supposed to part of the duty in certain policies of their safety to bite those, and also the apartments arent supposed to. By that logic you gift, then 2,3,4 are bad policies and shouldn't be used. The matter is this defensive adjustment takes longer than offense.

The issue is not people running a specific play every down. It is the cheese that is annoying. First, the simulation debate is a joke. Would be more disappointed with a true simulation. Ok are you should you call the defense but your safety is playing with a shallow zone rather than cover 3 and got his mission wrong. You get burnt for a TD but it happens in real life so that would be a simulation right?

Do really believe that out blitzes, stretch and corner routes do happen or work in soccer. It is simply absurd. No staff runs them each play but that is because the team would correct eventually and shit down it. You have that option if you would like to do 30 min of study and get in Madden nfl. Game mechanics that are abusing has ever been a part of Madden and every other sport for that matter. The ability comes in locating counters to what players do and each"cheese" mechanic has a counter.

Nice try, but your argument falls apart when you consider that EA has an license to make SIMULATION NFL games. They literally advertise Madden nfl as SIMULATION football. You asked"do you want your players to make mistakes such as irl"? Umm.YES. Case in point: I would love to see newcomer players creating"rookie mistakes". Would add value. But the styles should be accessible. That SHOULD be simulation style. But they should keep the competitive manner available for the die hard sweats online.NFL owners have approved a 5-year extension with EA Sports for the league

Not one of these have played Madden nfl. Open the license up competition is great. Is $$. Madden makes a ton of money, and the nfl makes money off of It without needing to do anything.I mean that they don't even let any cable businesses take NFL Sunday ticket when they could easily double what they're making now. I really don't think that it's just about $$. They've an obsession with creating their brand look like its a buy Mut 20 coins premium.Just look in who their TV advertisers are. It's all high end cars/trucks and dick pills. Their target audience is well-to-do elderly guys.

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