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The Glycemic Index List Incorporating the Glycemic Index List Into Your Diet from Aaliawilliam's blog


The glycemic index uses a rating system between 0 and 100, with 100 being pure glucose.   GlucoShield Review   The foods on the higher end of the glycemic index will be digested faster, and also will be converted into blood sugar faster. What you want to avoid is a high glycemic food that your body digests quickly, because you will then have a lot of blood sugar that your body has to clear out immediately, and then you'll crash and have to start all over again with another high glycemic food in order to avoid feeling hungry.

The reason to go with low glycemic foods is that they release blood sugar slowly, especially if you eat them in concert with other foods that slow the insulin response. You will end up feeling full for longer between meals, and that means less snacking, less hunger, and fewer cravings for higher glycemic foods. Eventually, if you stick to a diet of mostly low glycemic foods, you will feel more energy and stay satisfied, because your body is using blood sugar more efficiently.

So, what is the glycemic index list? It's exactly what it sounds like: a list of all sorts of foods and how your body will respond in terms of blood sugar levels. It includes ratings on pasta, bread, fruit, rice, pretzels, potatoes, and any other carbohydrates you can think of. The reason it's being adopted by everyday people is because it's pretty simple to understand. If the food is high on it (more than 70), you'll want to avoid it when possible. If it's between 56 and 69, it's moderate. If it's 55 or below, it has a low glycemic index. Since you want to focus on foods with a low glycemic index, you can figure out what foods are right for you with just a glance.

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