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The dice are more significant than ever - if a shortbow strikes from Nanlina chen's blog

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And seriously, here is a point of theory: the RS gold reason a scimi (or even a rune sword, for that matter) defeats the battleaxe is that it may hit twice in the time a battleaxe hits once. Assuming someone hits max 150 with a b'axe, the scimi can strike 2x130 or even 2x100 in precisely the identical amount of time and conquer the harm. This stage is a lot more powerful from the shortbow-longbow question, because the longbow does not even strike harder than the shortbow. The dice are more significant than ever - if a shortbow strikes for at least 50 percent of the max hit every time, the longbow can not fit it even scoring maximum hits on every shot.

So to recap, the slowness of the longbow is a grave concern - does the ranged attack bonus warrant the investment (of tokens that might be spent on an arcane burst necklace) and the forfeit of rapidity? Pardon the big words, and thanks in advance.

In case you have a 200k budget, then I suggest you consider: Sacred clay helm. Mystic boots. Finest RFD gloves. Your very best cape. I also highly recommend you get 70 Magic so it is possible to use Black Salamanders. Otherwise use slayer dart using a god publication, and have a melee weapon on your invent, equip some cheap bolts (wide ), and take a crossbow on your devise (for Ahrim.) .

You should take: Teleport to house (if you have Kharyrll portal and altar on your POH) Melee weapon. Crossbow. 1 or 2 Prayer potions. 200 Casts of slayer dart. SPADE. Rest filled with monkfish. You should not need to pray on Verac/Guthan/Torag, so you drink a super defence potion prior to going in to Verac, then visit Guthan, then Torag. If you have leftover prayer from Dharok, use it from Kharil. Then if you still have leftover, utilize it on Ahrim.

Ok, so I decided to head to Tormented Demons back, but I can only get 2 kills per trip, and I believe I am doing something wrong. Tort and rest of inv of monkfish. Is buy rs gold paypal there anyway I can improve with this setup? I don't have claws/any godsword, also that I do not really want to borrow one. Additionally, I just have the charms for 74 summoning, now. Thanks Beforehand!

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