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I have decided to try and get 99 structure from Dingbest's blog

If a player is a high enough level and RS gold can remain there long enough, they should have the ability to earn about 200k per trip. Furthermore, if using the Ourania Cave, then there's a bank really close by that charges 20 runes of any kind to use.

I have decided to try and get 99 structure (later 99 woodcutting). I will have 2 months to get the cash and materials for 99 building, therefore I want to understand which method I should use to receive 99 construction, how I must get the materials, and I need a method to create that much cash. (I have some methods, but they're going down in smoke) 10,507,500:cash needed for rooms and guards. 16,652,558:money to purchase limestone bricks from stonemason from keldagrim. 61,486,368:money needed to acquire limestone bricks of ge. 59,992,095:cash needed if I purchase oak logs away ge and make into planks. 90,521,880:money needed to purchase oak planks of the ge.

I would like to find this much cash in 240 hours, 300 being the maximum. Please dont suggest I fight green dragons, they are too crowded now adays. Ps: The walnut logs could be utilized to earn oak larders, and the limestone bricks would be made into stone fireplaces. Additionally, I am searching for money making construction and methods raising methods only!

I use melee using mage pray as their mage attack could hit around 65. They attack using range, mage, and melee. And to the fellow slayers on the market, with these things drop, are they really worth murdering, or if I only block the things entirely? Note: I had to finish this task since it had been my 100th task in a row and that I didn't want to risk losing the slayer points. Thanks Beforehand.

I am going for either 90 or 95 strength and I am wondering if I need to buy RuneScape gold go to ape toll and combat with the lvl 167 monkey gaurds close to the prayer altar and I think you can fight right next to the altar so that you don't have to move and what I would like to know is what armour I should wear, from what I am thinking I believe I must wear this: Helm of neitiznot. If you believe I need to wear something else or fight something else then please post. Btw, don't say dharoks because I don't really want to risk a lot and I can't afford that atm.

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By Dingbest
Added Nov 27 '20



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