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Overcoming PMS In Women With Hypothyroidism from Aaliawilliam's blog

Many women who have hypothyroidism have moderate to severe PMS symptoms.  Thyroid Rescue 911 Review   Some of the more common symptoms include headaches, cramping, fatigue, and there are numerous other symptoms one can have. Most women who experience severe PMS symptoms figure these symptoms are normal, and as a result they just need to learn to live with the discomfort. Even though many women have moderate to severe PMS symptoms, by no means is this normal. And most people who have hypothyroidism and experience these symptoms can have them dramatically reduced.

The Reason Why Many Women Experience Severe PMS Symptoms The reason why many women experience moderate to severe PMS symptoms usually has to do with an imbalance in the hormones estrogen and progesterone. In the first half of a woman's cycle, estrogen should be the dominant hormone. In the second half of the cycle the opposite should be true, as the progesterone should be the dominant hormone. At the end of the cycle the levels of these hormones should decrease, which in turn causes menstruation to occur, and the cycle begins again.

This of course is a basic explanation as to what happens with a woman's cycle. But when it comes to PMS symptoms, it's the second half of the cycle which is usually responsible for this. When there is an imbalance in the hormones estrogen or progesterone and they don't decline in the correct ratios, then this hormone imbalance is usually what causes the PMS symptoms. So the obvious goal would be to correct this common hormone imbalance, which in turn should also greatly help with the PMS symptoms.

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