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/>re-wrap">Want to make your home in Ibiza additional eco-friendly? Keep reading as today we share selected ideas to incorporate ecologically friendly products and green ideas into your home improvement projects. Best of all, your green projects will indorse healthy living for your family and our delightful island.

villas in ibiza for sale

/>re-wrap">Solar Roof Panels

/>re-wrap">Ibiza is one of the brightest place on earth, so why not take benefit of this natural source? Many utility businesses in Spain offer rebates and credit to proprietors who install solar panels, especially when installing a new roof. In addition, excess electricity container also roll-back the solar power owner’s electrical meter — in essence, distribution electricity back to the utility company — netting homeowners a credit. It’s best to install solar when connecting a new roof.

/>re-wrap">Green Types of Parquet

/>re-wrap">Consider successful green with your flooring! There are numerous good natural and Km0 selections on the island like hardwood, terracotta, normal stones or recycled glass tiles. If you are looking for renewable materials, cork is a good option, this material is factory-made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows back after being harvested. It provides insulation in contradiction of heat and cold and is naturally disgusting to bugs, mold, and mites.

/>re-wrap">Programmable Regulator

/>re-wrap">You can effortlessly take control of your heating or cooling wants by installing this smart home technology. You can set a thermostat to turn on when you wake up and turn off once you leave the house, which lets you fight worldwide warming and save on your utility bills at the same time.

/>re-wrap">Thankless Water Stove

/>re-wrap">Installing a difficult water heater in your Ibiza home is a countless way to save water, money and energy. This type of heater can be installed both inside and outside your property. They only heat water you need to use in just seconds and there’s no need to postponement for the water to heat up while wasting more water in the process. It’s another eco-friendly lavatory improvement that can add value to your home!



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