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Betta Fish Types and Features

Bettas are magnificent species with so many unique facets that make them one from the most loved fish in the world. Understanding betta fish care and how they work and live assures you a happy and number of years with your finned friend.

The "Betta inside a vase" isn't healthy or natural. It fails to provide the fish a healthy living environment, which could cause disease. If you have to have the vase, treat it just like a fish tank. There are top quality betta fish for sale here. Siphon off all of the water within your vase therefore it won't get polluted and refill with new water that features water conditioners. And ensure the temperature remains consistent within 76 to 82 degrees Fahrenheit. If this process isn't executed correctly, it could result with your betta dying. The vase shouldn't be compared to a betta's natural waters. Your fish's environment has to be cleaned once weekly, no less than.

Edith's Betta - Both the men and women of this fish have short fins and rounded tails. The female has white and liver spots, and can be a muted orange. The male can be a much brighter orange with brown spots.

Betta's palette are on the lips, mouth and in many cases his fins.  Like humans, they inhale smells using the nostrils. Both senses help them because they respond to chemicals in water. Those chemicals let them know when there is food around, or if there can be a predator nearby. However, bettas are only able to sense those chemicals in a short distance.

It is a good idea to monitor ammonia levels on a regular basis, want . high level is not healthy for your Betta Fish.