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Path of Exile: Harvest is the next major expansion of Grinding Gear Games. It will be released on PC on June 19, 2020, and will be released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One within a week beginning on June 22. The extension was originally scheduled for release in early June, but the New Zealand team must also cope with the limitations of the Covid 19 pandemic.

The core element of the Harvest Challenge League is the "Holy Grove", a garden in which opponents can be bred. In the normal game of the "Harvest League", you will encounter magical roots that indicate the direction of the "seed storage area" because each area of ??a place has a box containing seeds. The seeds can be planted there. But it takes some time to grow. If you want to harvest the "vitality" of the plant at a certain time, you can use a collector to collect it. If you defeat your opponent, you will get POE Currency and a lot of crafts to make new items.

Sometimes, first-level opponents also leave seeds for second-level opponents. This advanced seed requires a more complex design of the garden. For example, some parts need to be linked together, and the second layer of seeds also needs a "vigorous" irrigation system, including water tanks, manifolds and pipes. Level 2 monsters are more difficult to defeat (more lives, more skills, etc.), and thus have the opportunity to leave level 3 seeds, which are more difficult to reproduce, but are also expected to bring better returns. By the way, seeds can be freely traded.

Compared with many other alliances, you should not be overwhelmed by loot. On the contrary, you will find more materials required for the most complex POE production system to date, and you will gradually get new recipes-finding rare seeds is crucial. You will be able to make very valuable items from the reagents. The Wilson producer said: "Flooding random objects is much more important than precisely controlling what you want to achieve."

In addition to alliances, developers will make major adjustments to the passive skill tree. Promises new passive trapezoidal distortion effects and new passive effects, for example, applicable to game mechanics introduced in later updates but not yet available in the skill tree. Some of the popular effects from "Eternal Jewelry" in "Path of Exile: Legion Return" are provided in the large skill tree. The trapezoid "The Agnostic" prevents characters, for example, using energy shields as a defense allows them to use mana as a life-saving resource.

The harvest series will introduce a dozen unique props, and will modify more than 50 existing props to promote a special style of competition. Overall, this time will improve two-handed melee weapons. The items, skills and options in the passive skill tree will be expanded. War skills also face the same overhaul. All war crying skills will anger the enemy and produce various defense and offensive effects on the enemy or allies. Brand skills have also been fundamentally improved.

We have reported the release of the beta version of the Vulkan renderer. Buy Path of Exile Currency interface provides a more stable refresh rate, especially when a lot of things happen on the screen (we report).

With the advent of the Alliance of the Final Exile Alliance expansion, the golden age of POE melee construction has its mark. Most melee skills will get large to moderate gains, which makes them very absurdly suitable for anything you actually want to do in Blight. The transition to melee is very good, because novices or experts will build many solid melee versions of Blight, and novices or experts can do it. In this article, we will show the top path of exile melee buildings that currently stand out among all other buildings, because these buildings are often the best and strongest in terms of typical survivability, damage, and defense capabilities.

What is the best microtransaction? It may be the money you do not need to pay, or it may be the money you get from the loot box. However, the actual answer is POE Currency, if you use the path of exile, that is.

Grinding Gear Games released a list of the most popular microtransactions, sorted by their contribution to overall sales rather than the number of purchases. The top of the armor list is the hell armor set. Its advantage is that it can be sold for five years, and it is still an absolute favorite in the community when it is launched.

There is a theme in most categories, such as "wing" is very popular in the rear-mounted device, and celestial bodies and hell equipment are also very popular in general. For weapons and shields, "flashy" is the name of the game, and people prefer the "relatively simple effect" of the portal. There is even a list of categories for hiding tags, hidden objects, and other microtransactions (such as skin transfers and character slots).

If you are a fan of "Path of Exile", it may be nice to check the list and determine whether your preferences follow the most popular trends, or whether you tend to deviate from established norms. Me, I hate to look like everyone else, so I may be one of the people wearing the second or third layer of popularity, but at least I will never be trapped by the green rabbit suit.

Grinding Gear Games called on Spock to help solve some of the technical problems in The Path of Exile. No, wait-he is Vulcan, GGG is using Vulkan, a new renderer that will provide "more stable performance than DirectX 11, especially under high CPU load." Make beautiful gestures?

Although the path of exile is not perfect yet, it does not affect the player's love for it. The fun of players in the game is something we cannot ignore. Another point is the influence of the poe currency. More and more players have great interest in Exalted Orb,which can improve their skills in the game. I believe that with the step-by-step expansion, the best results will be achieved.

After an uncertain period, System Shock 3 may have died in space and water, and now it seems to have been saved. Developer OtherSide Entertainment has announced that large publisher Tencent “will promote the development of the System Shock franchise,” which is ... vague and slightly ominous, but is there hope? It is unclear what this arrangement means, and who is doing what, but it seems good. Yes, you will enjoy Shodan’s condemnation again because your flesh is weak and imperfect. A team behind the path of exile based on the POE Currency system has been acquired by Tencent.

OtherSide said in a statement yesterday: “Tencent will push the System Shock series forward.” “As a smaller independent studio, carrying out a project in the stomach has always been a challenge for us. We believe that as a leading gaming company, Tencent’s deep capabilities and expertise will bring this series of products to new heights. “

This does not yet explain who is making System Shock3. We will update the received information in time.

There are reports that many people have left the development team, including former authors, chief programmers and design directors, and I have questioned the fate of the game for months. When I asked, OtherSide did not respond, and these situations are unclear.

Therefore, this is a Tencent company that masters the numbers. They are huge, with pieces of work by many developers, and making and publishing their own games. They fully own Riot Games and Funcom, Grinding Gear Games, which owns most of the “Path of Exile” developers, bought 40% of Epic Games’ shares, and held smaller shares from Activision Blizzard and Ubisoft to Paradox Interactive and PlatinumGames. They definitely have the resources to make new system impacts.

Night dive Studios, which owns the copyright of System Shock and is remaking the first game, has clarified the legal background of Shock. “OtherSide has got certain copyrights for the sequel. I have now transferred these copyrights have now to Tencent.” OtherSide told RPS avid PC Gamer. “Any transfer will not affect our ownership.”

Making SS3 is still weird. I agree with older senior Kieron Gillen, who wrote in a tribute to Shodan in 2009: “There will never be System Shock3. We should really be happy.” Maybe we should let the sleeping AI lie. We have announced that System Shock 2 is one of the best RPGs, but maybe this is a moral reason to keep it.

Although System Shock 2 is one of the best RPGs, we should not stop the advancement of technology. All games will become better with continuous updates. Not only System Shock but also the Path of Exile 2 soon, but Will not affect the player's love for the first part, players will still improve themselves through POE Items in the game, all love we base all love on the original state.
Chinese giant Tencent, which has a market value of one billion US dollars, saved System Shock 3's bad development and invested in the series. The specific investment amount was not disclosed. What is certain is that these funds save the development cost of System Shock 3. In addition, a small company behind the team behind the path of exile game based on the POE Currency system has been acquired.

As another entertainment company has just confirmed, Tencent is helping to fund the development of System Shock 3 so that troubled developers can give a breath. On the other hand, they have confirmed to some extent the latest rumors that the creative cycle is in trouble. For small independent developers and the game itself, the impact is absolutely huge. With the addition of Tencent, the project will develop with a new look and will gradually mature.

"We are pleased to announce that Tencent will continue to advance the System Shock series of games. As a smaller independent studio, it has always been a challenge for us to carry out the project ourselves. We believe that Tencent is strong as a leading game company Competence and expertise will take franchising to new heights. "Otherside said in a blog post.

However, Tencent did not actually purchase the franchise. They did not take over the System Shock IP, only to promote its development through a large amount of cash injection. Nightdive Studios still owns the IP, and if we sell it, we will definitely hear about it.

System Shock is another piece of the growing cake for this Chinese game maker. The company has acquired many IPs and studios, including Riot Games and smaller companies such as Grinding Gear Games, the team behind the path of exile. It also invested in companies such as Activision-Blizzard, Epic Games and Ubisoft, all of which specialize in live games.

Fans quickly criticized Tencent for promoting the development of monetized mobile and live games, but this is an outlier. We cannot underestimate the importance of currency in the game. Like the path of exile, Path of Exile Currency has become an indispensable link. Not all of Tencent's investment is a continuous online experience. This time, they invested money in a single-player-driven project to achieve profitability commitments. We don't know the specifics, but Tencent may have the right to distribute the game, or at least have reached an agreement that can obtain royalties and residual value over time.
Like most other things in the game world, the continued development of the path of exile has also been affected by the coronavirus and may cause delays in its next expansion. Nevertheless, this does not affect the popularity of POE Currency in the game.

In the past few years, "Path of Exile" has established a stable release schedule due to its frequent updates and expansions. The update of the Path of Exile takes unexpected circumstances and force majeure factors in case of any form of delay. However, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic can certainly meet both of these conditions. Although it is still expected that the 3.11 expansion will be released in June, it may ultimately be impossible to determine the expected release date.

Let’s take a look at Monday’s statement on the path of exile (developer’s statement):

Many of you already know that we have completed 8 of the 13 development cycles from home, which wastes a lot of time in face-to-face and teamwork. Our team works hard to quickly adapt to the new working paradigm, but there are some difficulties in working in this way, which slows down development. Therefore, we have internally postponed the release of the extension from the original release date by one week.

It is very important for us that we will release high-quality extensions in June. If we feel that we need to add another one to two weeks, then we will spend some time to do so. Despite our efforts to achieve this goal within the normal 13-week schedule, development has indeed not been as usual in the past few months.

We currently plan to announce the 3.11 expansion at 2 pm on June 2 approximately two weeks from now. This means that we are working hard to set the PC release date to June 19 and the console release date to June 24. However, it is very important to note that this release is likely to be further delayed compared to any expansion in the past.

The prevalence of coronavirus makes it difficult to accurately predict the specific release date of the alliance, and there is a possibility of a week delay. Grinding Gear pointed out that, given the current state of the world and the latest news in all industries, the release is as transparent as possible. Although they did not mention anything in "Path of Exile 2", it is reasonable to believe that the development of the sequel to "Dungeon" has also been greatly impacted. We will report all new information.

"Path of Exile" 3.11 expansion is not yet clear. It is tentatively scheduled for release on June 19. At the same time, "Path of Exile: Delusion" has a strong momentum on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is reassuring that the trend of POE Currency Xbox will not be affected.
“Path Of Exile” is a popular MMORPG that is highly consistent with current game trends and provides players with clear game goals. Since 2013, it has developed many versions, including the latest version, Delirium expansion, and the layout of different storylines and modes, allowing players to customize the characters in the game and complete various levels of challenges without leaving the host framework The game itself.

The current POE challenge alliance is Delirium, which started on New Zealand local time on March 14, 2020 and lasted about three months. It is now at the end of the league, and I believe that most players have completed the basic tasks and built a reasonable passive skill tree.

In the game, players can get POE Currency through many methods, but human energy is limited, and those currencies got through farming are very common and cannot be used to make advanced crafts. With this in mind, you need to use each POE currency appropriately when playing games and maximize their use.

As we all know, all exiles, including beginners, may fall from monsters or treasure chests, because everyone knows these methods, so it is impossible to provide you with unique or valuable POE items.

Although players can only get a limited amount of money, there are still many ways. In the prior days of POE, beginners have many opportunities to get basic POE items, which is the best way for them to upgrade quickly. Many people are accustomed to packing all items in bags, but this is not recommended, because as the game progresses, you will have more opportunities to buy them, and once your back pack is full, it cannot accommodate other items. You can send some useless items to the auction house, so you can exchange for more items you need in the transaction, or sell it to other old players who need them to earn extra profits.

We must obtain all POE currency through hard work. This is very common in the game. You need to gradually complete each challenge, especially in the later stage of the game. The upgrade of each level is a long process, which requires you to have enough Patience.

To be honest, many players choose the reliable store to buy POE PS4 Currency. For those who purchase these services, this can really improve the game efficiency and enhance the competitiveness and strength of the game characters. Assuming that you always complete the league challenge faster and better than others, wouldn't it bother us?

For making POE currency, it is a time-consuming and energy-consuming process. Completing the “Path Of Exile” challenge is also a long process. You can fight alone, give full play to your strength, or fight side by side with your friends, which can help you a lot. In “Path Of Exile”, people believe that long-term persistence can bring stable income, we obtain POE currency from every small challenge and pursuit.
The Chinese version of the popular action RPG Exile Path (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is slightly different from the international version. At the same time, there is a general call for the introduction of some international version features. Why is the Chinese version of POE different? The path of exile is very popular, it is growing, and its POE Currency trading system is the core of the entire game. But there are some so-called quality of life features in the Chinese version, but not in the international version.

From the basic situation, there are certain advantages, but there are also some shortcomings. The quality of life features in the Chinese version include: death records, dominant videos, pets that help you pick up stolen goods, auction houses, and planning paths in advance. However, there is also a controversy in the Chinese version of "Path of Exile". Although players can trade with each other through the trading system, this is not free, which is not friendly to players.

How do players view the difference? Especially the quality of life function is something that a few players want to see in other versions of "Path of Exile".

Thor_Thanos wrote: "Oh, this is really good, it looks cool! It is very helpful for beginners like me. I think I will fall in love with this game soon"
Shimaran wanted to explain the reason for the difference: "You know, we are completely different from the Chinese game market, so there should be different versions. We are the developers of the game. I think these things are achieved because With these changes, the game will not improve. "
 pfSonata feels that these changes are meaningless: "The quality of life is usually just a euphemism, just to make the game easier. Obviously, after this change, it is more suitable for Chinese players. They like more horrible, with lottery links. Games. Reddit does not understand their expectations of games. "

Andreas Bertits said: These features are easier for POE for beginners, they can quickly master the game. This is more attractive to newbies, and will make newbies excited about hackers' attacks and killings, but hardcore fans who like the "Path of Exile" difficulty may not like it, they need greater challenges!

The developer studio stated that in order to avoid angering the target group of the game, the international version of these features will not be easily changed. Such adjustments should be made with caution.

Path of Exile is one of the 15 best games you can currently play. It has always been warmly sought after by the majority of players, and the interesting trading system allows you to experience different gameplay and more comprehensive understanding of the game. If you are worried about spending too much money, then Buy Chaos Orb on the POECurrency website can dispel your concerns. Come and experience it!

Path Of Exile concept artist Shaun Brown's new interview involves the behind-the-scenes story of the conceptual art process and more.

The interview first listed his work in Grinding Gear Games from Shaun. It turns out that he did a lot of things, including monsters, weapons, POE Currency , bosses, portals, POE Orbs,MTX, uniqueness, characters, pets, symbols (such as magic effects), graphic illustrations (different cards, atlas maps, etc.), "Sketch random thoughts to Eric."

Throughout the interview, the team shared a large number of sketches and drawings made by Shaun Brown for Path Of Exile, covering the topics listed above. When Shaun Brown was asked how many personal spins he invested in his work, he replied, "It depends on the task. Sometimes when I intuitively generate ideas that can play a role in the game, there may be many. But in the game mechanics There are some limitations (such as the number of joints and how they move, etc.). The idea of ​​solving the problem and trying to solve these limitations is very interesting. ”It can be seen that the details of Path Of Exile are very high and are worth playing for a long time. A game, although there are some difficulties in the process of going through the level, but you can Buy POE Currency to help pass the level.

The interview also covered topics such as hobbies other than art, Sean ’s inspiration, and advice for people trying to break into the industry.

If you lose your game time because you are busy, you are wrong. Mobile games are on the rise, and there are many impressive different types of games worth looking forward to.

If you are a big fan of MMORPG, but don’t have enough time to study, you can join immediately, because many MMORPGs are developing in the mobile field, and one of them is the path of exile. "Path of Exile" is one of my favorite MMORPGs, it has very interesting knowledge and super dark and awesome atmosphere. POE Currency plays an irreplaceable role in the game. The mobile version of the game is very similar to the PC version, but the developers have adjusted the game to allow the use of mobile controls. In addition, the map is usually small to accommodate mobile players who travel frequently. Even better, the game is free, which allows players to have fun without spending money.

For years, fans have been asking Riot Games for a mobile version of League of Legends, and now their wish has come true. The game is named League of Legends: The Wild Fissure, bringing the most popular MOBA to the mobile world, and has their favorite championships and abilities. There are some differences between the PC version and the mobile version of the game. One of them is that not all champions will be available at launch. In addition to this, games on mobile phones are much shorter than those on PCs: each game will take 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Some champions ’abilities have also been changed to accommodate mobile controls. For example, Anne ’s Q is a skill shot rather than a click mechanism, Lectra ’s ultimate goal is the global ultimate goal, and so on.

If you like pet breeding, this game is for you. Becoming Byte allows you to raise a cute little pet named Byte. You can feed, play, and let it participate in the battle. When you upgrade, your Byte will be able to fight with cooler and stronger abilities, it can fight on its own. By entering abilities and special skills can make the battle faster. Buy POE Currency will let you fight more coolly and stronger in the game! We can expect the game to be officially launched at the end of April 2020.
The Delirium League in Path of Exile has brought a lot of excitement to the ARPG champion. If the league attracts you, I have prepared the following guide to help you quickly understand all the knowledge needed for PoE Delirium League.
What is Delirium League?
There is a Deli mirror in the area where the league is located. Then, the player passes through the mirror, which will fog Delirium. This will make new enemies appear and strengthen the current one. The enemy pairs give you rewards, but the deeper you are, the stronger the enemy. Players can then find Delirium Orb's map covering Delirium. Or use POE Orbs, Simulacrum fragments, etc. At the same time, loot drops are based on specific types, such as POE Currency, armor, etc.
What are the new skills in the passive skill tree?
The changes made to the "passive skill tree" are based on the "cluster gems" that will be placed in the outermost slots. Will be deeper nested with other slots, and add mods that can be made.
If you have used historical jewels, then you should know that they can play a larger role, providing them with new cornerstones, passive elements and celebrities. But the effectiveness of this feature will change over time, although developers realize that this is one of the most important updates to the game in a long time.
Another tip is to make sure you do n’t rush to Delirium. Because you have enough time to complete it and reduce the risk of death.
This is something you should consider before entering PoE Delirium. In this alliance, you can get some rewards, including PoE currency. One thing to remember is that the higher the reward, the greater the risk. If it is really good for you, and you are certainly not the only one with this kind of insight, then you must relax the alliance and reduce the risk as much as possible. Of course, you can also choose to Buy POE Currency on our website (IGGM) to improve your ability to reduce risks and clear customs.
Soon, the action RPG Path of Exile will receive patch 3.10.1f. This update will improve the deli and various skills, eliminate errors that affect Simulacra gameplay and performance, and eliminate errors that caused the region and client to crash.

Although the company Grinding Gear Games is busy creating new add-ons for the action RPG Path of Exile, the team does not intend to abandon the main version of the game. Players can still Buy POE Currency to help you as before.

The developer will release update 3.10.1f this week, so now you can study the preliminary list of changes. Many card bosses in the immunization phase will begin to suspend the movement of suspending mist during immunization.

Objects that cause enemies are triggered when you rush past them, and no longer damage the area. GGG will solve the problem that caused Simulacra's performance to decline. The violent bumps at the end will always turn the character's face in the direction of movement.

Thriller's ghost will no longer use the ability to make a series of attacks quickly. The visibility of frozen soil will increase. Production allocation settings will start to apply immediately, not from the next zone. In addition, after defeating the target of the traitor, the mist of the deli will stop for ten seconds (previously only five seconds).

The most important thing is that during the battle with Shavronn and Creator and the replacement of the video adapter, the game ’s customers and the area will no longer crash. Players who want to adapt to such an adapter faster can consider buying POE Currency, which can help you enjoy the game better.
    Fixed a bug that prevented small cluster jewelry (can be exchanged for Buy POE Currency) passive devices from being stored in a specific jewelry slot.
    Fixed a client crash in the "Library" area.
    Reworked the "Favorite Map" selection method. Highlight the map on the atlas and press "Square" to set it as a favorite map.
    The main task can be selected on the map device
Delirium Improvements
    Simulacrum Splinters dropped into piles at the end of the Delirium encounter.
    Various visual adjustments have been made to the Delirium fog to improve the visibility of the effects under the fog.
    Using the Delirium death modifier to add a variety of colored lights to monsters and backpacks, making the types of damage they cause easier to see.
    Added visual identifiers for monsters with the following Delirium modifiers: Space Distortion, Cascade Storm, Expel Fire, Winter Whirlpool, Crushing Horror, Egg Death, Broken Death and Corruption Death.
    Telegrams used by monsters have been upgraded with Shockbomb and Bolt Cross Delirium modifiers.
     The Vengeful Blast modifier creates an explosion with fire damage (non-cold damage). Improved Flameblast's telegram.
    r Volatile monsters explode immediately when they no longer touch before exploding, but instead add a charging animation.
Overall improvement
    Areas with conqueror influence can now also apply "shape shaper" or "elder influence".
    The divination card granted to Perandus Manor is equal to the level of 4 Watch Stones in the appropriate area of ​​the atlas. Cadiro Perandus will provide you with Perandus Manor according to the corresponding watch.
    Based on the watchman in the appropriate area of ​​your atlas, Doryani's Machinarium will now be lowered by one level. This means that if there are 4 watch stones in the area containing the maze map, Doriani's magical world will drop at its highest level.
With the update of the game patch, the difficulty and experience of the game are also changing. You are welcome to log in to IGGM to Buy POE Currency, so as to pass the customs smoothly.
In the new video produced by "Path to Exile 2", surprisingly down-to-earth Kamil Orman Janowski talked about how he wanted to change the sound of this new content. He wanted to raise it to a new height based on the same darkness and tenacity.

In the video, he mixed folk elements, ethnic and tribal elements, and experimental elements to form his new voice, giving the audience a brand new listening experience. Buy POE Currency gives us a new feeling in "Path to Exile", you will easily win. He explained that his experimental sounds and industrial sounds were inspired by Trent Reznor's film creation, which is a good way to find inspiration.

Janowski showed new areas of music in "Path to Exile 2", such as crypts and hunting grounds. He puts artwork and games on one screen to get creative inspiration, and then creates on another screen. He talked about the change in tone from using symphonic sounds to using more synthesizers and creating atmospheres for different environments and players.

Generally speaking, Path of Exile 2 is a very cool video. The game of "Path of Exile" itself is also very cool. POE Currency will let you get more cool skills and let you devote yourself to the game! I like to watch the game's production process, especially when the game's composer sits down and talks about music. The music on the road to exile is also great. I look forward to hearing more good new tracks.

In terms of gameplay, "Path to Exile 2" adds seven new characters to the new storyline. The final game is shared with the basic game, the game has been significantly updated, such as system, visual effects, classification, etc. have many changes. It is a free game that constantly throws free content to players.

We don't know when this will hit PS4, but when it hits PS4, I will notify you.

The ongoing COVID-19 outbreak has had an impact on many games and updates in development. Bethesda had to withdraw the major "Radiation 76 Wilderness" update because working at home slowed down the test (although it has now been

launched), Amazon's new world MMO, and the "Path of Exile 2" beta are facing Delay. This does not affect the popularity of "Path to Exile" among players. Players will still choose Buy POE Orbs in order to improve various skills in

the game.

As the process is delayed, the challenge will become greater. He said: "In terms of communication, the pressure of leaders is increasing. We are communicating all day, trying to solve problems, organize things, and provide guidance."

There a potential problem for some games (including Baldur's Gate 3) is that development work such as motion capture cannot be completed when working remotely, and even voice operations cannot be achieved due to inconsistent recording

quality in different locations. Vincke said that he hopes to return to the mocap studio as soon as possible to formulate all necessary precautions, but at present, we have no solution.

Unfortunately, all of this is ironic because the self-isolation demand brought by COVID-19 outretreak has driven the demand for video games. "Path to Exile" promotes the demand for POE Currency too . Its advantages are cheap and smooth

operation. Although major game delays may open the door to increasing the visibility of independent developers, if people do not have money to spend on them, the impact will be reduced.

5 Amazing: Loreweave

Whether it is acquisition or execution, Loreweave is the most unique work in Path Of Exile. Players cannot find this item, but they can make it.You need to sell 60 unique rings to own this item. Collecting these rings can get breastplates, which can increase your maximum elemental resistance limit to 78%, and can provide a chance for a fatal blow, which can not only increase the damage to the element, but also can do physical damage to the attack. Most of the construction on the road of exile can benefit from this breastplate. Its main weakness is that it takes a long time to obtain, and its life span is very short, up to 60. To save time, you can also buy POE Currency on, which is cheap and can increase your gaming experience.

4 Amazing: Tabula Rasa

Tabula Rasa has no implicit stat, prefix or suffix, but Tabula Rasa may be one of the best levels and early mapping items in the game. This is because Tabula Rasa drops into a 6-slot chest radiograph in a white slot, which means you can use any skill to link any supporting gems from level 1 onwards. Suitable for people who are fighting alone and not trading. You can also plant divination cards for Tabula Rasa in the blood pipeline in Article 9 of the Decree, allowing any player to obtain this item when needed.

3 Amazing: Watcher's Eye

In the game, if you kill Uber Elder, there is a high chance of falling Watcher's Eye Jewel.This jewellery has a chance to decline, but most of the statistics it provides are random. Watcher's Eye provides a very powerful bonus when activating certain auras, but each aura has multiple effects. There are more than 150,000 combinations, and a large part of them are quite powerful. Obtaining a single good modifier on this Jewel makes it a necessary condition for construction. If you get two to three outstanding modifiers, you will get a huge surge of power, and only a few items can be matched.

2 Amazing: Cospri's Malice

Due to its power and rarity, this single sword usually costs a few POE Exalted Orb per league. Cospri's Malice is the perfect weapon for any cold or discharge-focused building.Cospri's "Malice" is unique in that it triggers cold spells during melee crit. When you critically strike, all cold-labeled skills, such as ice arrows and glacial cascades, will be cast. When combined with a crook or assassin boost, this sword can activate a large number of skills, and further enhance all skills through the sword's cold damage modifier. Using two of them can make this key effect extremely powerful.

1 Amazing: Headhunter

Grinding Gear Games, the developer of Path Of Exile, has repeatedly stated that they do not intend to weaken Headhunter for the time being and hope to pursue more uniqueness in the game. Each rare enemy killed by wearing a belt will receive a 20-second correction. ARPG experienced players know its power. Bonuses can be superimposed on yourself, allowing you to be immediately affected by 10 identical modifiers. Although many gamers say that something is really overblown, Headhunter is the most powerful definition of overpower you can get.
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