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human hair wigs need us to care and protect it carefully, human hair wigs have a set of wig care skills, how much do you know?Today I'm here to share some tips on human hair care.


1. Put the cheap bundles on the bracket>>

The wig should not be thrown away when it is taken off. It should be placed on a stand.>>


2. Put them in plastic bags when not in use>>

If there is a period of time not to wear human hair wigs, will put away the wigs, it easy to dust or messy, we should put the real hair wigs to the original use of wigs, or received in plastic bags.>>


3. Wash your natural hair regularly>>

wigs clean to pay special attention to honey blonde highlights wig,it can not be washed with hot water, it will destroy the quality of wigs, and can not long soak in the water, after cleaning in the ventilated air place automatically dry.


4. The conditioner keeps it bright and lubricated>>

When cleaning 6x6 closure wig must not rub with hand, see some hairpiece knots also do not want to pull,we should use protect hair element to keep smooth gently , use protect hair element human hair wigs can return bright beautiful, be like just bought.


5. straighten wigs with sparsely toothed combs>>

Usually wigs should be gently straightened out with sparse comb, clean the dust.Choose a sparser comb. In order to prevent a dense comb breaking a wig easily, a special comb for wigs can also be used.>>


6.ombre bundles with closure should not be combed

If you buy curly human hair wigs, do not use a comb to manage the curls. You can just use your hands to gently manage the curls.>>


7. Wet towel for crooked wig>>

If the straight hair becomes curly ,you must not use the hand to pull straight, it can easy to break hair.If you're too lazy to clean your wig, you can wet it with a towel and let it air dry to straighten  it.>>


8. Care for glueless closure wig with non-oily lotion

human hair Wig used for a long time did not just like start to buy so beautiful, in fact,every day wearing a wig with non-oily maintenance fluid spray on the wig a few times, human hair wig can not only prevent static electricity, restore the original appearance, lubrication.>>


With that said, I'd like to share with you some tips for taking care of human hair wig, which you can adjust to your own situation.The more you love your human hair wig, the more it will return to you.I hope these nursing skills can be helpful to you!>>


We all know human hair can get tangled and even break if not properly cared for, so we need to learn how to refresh human hair.With proper care, even a bad curly wig can come back to life, giving your curly wig a new look. Follow me!I'll share some tips for restoring curly hair lace wigs.

1.human hair spray on your curls

Use a human hair spray to gently spray your curly human hair wigs, you can use a special human hair spray


2. Choose the right way to comb your curly burgundy wig

You can use a wide-toothed comb to comb through curly hair, generally starting at the ends and working your way up to the roots, gently smoothing out any tangles.

When combing your curly hair, your fingers are the best tools to handle your curly human hair wigs.When your curly wig isn't knotting, you can go for a deep treatment.


3. Deep care for curly human hair wigs

If your curly human hair wigs breaks at the bend, we need to do a deep treatment on your curly wig. You put a deep conditioner on your wet hair, then wrap it in plastic wrap and put it in the microwave.Heat for 48 seconds.


4.Care for dry colorful lace front wigs human hair

hair curly lace wigs tend to dry out more than straight ones, if your hair curly lace wigs stay dry for long periods of time, it's not good for your wig to stay in shape.If you want to keep your hair curly lace wigs shiny, you can add a little olive oil to your hair to keep it from drying out.


super nova hair providecurly lace wigs is 100% human hairThese tips will help you to refresh curly hd lace wigs.If you have any questions about protective methods, you can log in WestKiss and contact us at any time.We can discuss the care of curly hair wigs together!



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