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Indian Chemist

Indian heritage of fine art 

Indian culture is known for its rich and diverse heritage, also known as Indian history. And when it comes to our ancestors' lifestyle, they have all the luxury in the universe, from fancy sanankund (fancy bath pools) to heavy jewellery and crown they got it all. Not only indian culture has ingenuity in their work but also they inspire the world to polish their urbanity. As the world develops itself for more efficient and futuristic living, some of us still manage to save the old heritage into our heartsoul to create a small tunnel for the world  to look back on the luxurious and artistry of indian heritage.

Ratnavali arts is a indian brand that provides designer Jewelry online in jaipur and around the world. Their objective is to provide inspirational and handcrafted jewellery around the world to celebrate the originality of indian heritage. Fine arts like gold and silver jewellery, birthstones, thread jewellery are one of the key elements of the collection. Not only you can Buy Thread Jewellery Online India, but also they provide shipping all over the world. Not only you can purchase from their existing collocation but also you can customize your own Buy Thread Jewellery Online India and we ensure its safe delivery at your doorsteps. 

What makes thread jewellery more distinctive than any other metal jwells? its versatility, with those specially engraved gold and silver jewels it's hard to experiment, but when it comes to thread jwells you can easily experiment or renew its looks effortlessly. They are durable and low maintenance so easy to have a long life. Thread jewellery are casual yet ethanic so you can wear it as your daily routine. At ratnavali arts  you can Buy Thread Jewellery Online India, or you can customize it from our designer Jewelry online in jaipur, as we believe in individual originality and unique perspective towards life. 

In our urban lives we tend to feel disoriented and small things like fine arts provide you a connection to spirituality and inspiration for a more simpler lifestyle. Moreover science has proven that everything around us has an aura that gives us a positive or negative vibe. Crafts at ratnavali arts ensure that you will get all the good vibes for your endless beaming days and glowing nights, giving you a positive vibe for your daily life. Feel rich in life with ratnavali sight. 


Thread jewellery is gaining popularity these days and is all set to be back in trend because of many reasons. Some of the key attraction points of thread jewelry are- 

Colours: Everyone likes colours! They bring a nice and happy vibe to the whole personality and the surroundings. The variety of colors available in thread jewellery is the center of attraction for most of the people. Different textures and patterns blending with the precious, semi-precious stones and metals, give a fresh and casual to the jewellery. 

Suits Everyone: Thread jewellery, being a bit modern yet casual ones attract the attention of not only women but the male section of the society as well. The use of threads makes it more decent and apt for even daily use. 

Light Weight: Accompanying the above two benefits of Buy Thread Jewellery Online India, being lightweight gives it the extra edge in becoming the most appropriate choice in daily wear or casual jewellery these days. The ease and convenience of wearing thread jewels is unmatched. 

Ratnavali Arts is a platform that caters to all your needs in relation to jewellery and accessories. We have a wide range of well-crafted jewellery that can be the ideal pick for you for any event, celebration, or special occasion. 

Planning your next trip to Jaipur? We would love to see you at our store in the Pink City or you can simply search buy jewellery online in Jaipur to get our antique and premium craft jewellery delivered to you at your doorstep.


Looking for a perfect mate for all your outfits and looks ? Love to experiment with latest jewellery trends and innovations?

Thread jewelleries are gaining major popularity these days. The attractive and appealing colours, the advantage of choosing from different textures, materials and patterns, shapes and sizes, the comfort of wearing and carrying makes thread jewelleries an ideal pick for your daily wear requirements as well as for any of your event outfit. They compliments the overall look in an amazingly decent and elegant manner.

Thread jewellery are easily available in different kinds of accessories-

  1. Rings: Thread rings are very light weight which makes it very convenient in carrying for a whole long day. The variations available in thread patterns and textures, the material and quality of the thread, choice of metals and stones to combine with the thread and many other variants grabs the attention of the buyer.

  2. Neck lace: Thread necklaces add elegance and colour to your entire outfit. Not only are these colourful and attractive, but also very comfortable and convenient so that you don’t face any trouble while pulling them off for an entire long day.

  3. Bracelets and bangles: Just like our any other jewellery, we all wish our bracelets and bangles to be very comfortable and easy to carry accessories. The diverse options of textures, materials, patterns, designs and colours makes it a perfect choice for any occasion.

  4. Earrings: The bright and colourful thread earrings adds a sense of joy and cheerfulness to your persona. They can be easily paired with any kind of outfit and would be a lovely fit for any kind of occasion you can think of.  

Being so comfortable, manageable and appealing, thread jewelleries are loved by both men and women in their accessorizing choices. They are a perfect fit for any gender and age group. 

Ratnavali Arts- Buy Jewellery Online In Jaipur

At Ratnavali Arts, buy thread jewellery online Indiaat the best prices. We are a trusted and reliable name in jewellery manufacturers and exporters. We provide our customers with an exquisite wide range of jewelleries in different patterns, materials, textures, stones, designs and colours at the best possible price. We aim to deliver quality products to our customers to attain maximum consumer satisfaction. Our skilled craftsmen and weavers work with utmost passion and dedication in order to make sure no quality compromises are being made. 


Get and Buy Thread Jewellery Online Indiafrom the Ratnavali Arts Jewellers, supplying rarest of the rare piece of jewelry available in India, for the folks that are particular and need to face the group. To know more visit our website. Buy Thread Jewellery Online India from the pleasant offers in Jaipur, The Ratnavali Art jewelry . They're having the most extremely good designs in thread completely designed and constructed from maximum great jewellery in India. 


Our Buy Thread Jewellery Online Indiaoffers a sprint of subtleness and distinctiveness on your cloth cabinet.Our plainness and non pareil ornaments that offers a perceptible look in your everyday dull attire. Ratnavali Arts Jewellers Jaipur gives you with the high-quality viable dressmaker jewellery.

Ratnavali Arts Jewellers are many of the top Buy Thread Jewellery Online India, having wide range of exceptional designs of jewelry articles which include necklace , pendant , stones and lots of extra. Visit this internet site to checkout the pinnacle maximum designs available in Jaipur.


We have a team of competent Technicians, Chemists, Designers and Craftsmen working to develop and deliver the products to meet the various needs of our esteemed customers. All our jewelry is designed and manufactured in-house from the creation of masterpieces to the finished product. Our jewelry is available in Gold, Silver, Rhodium, two-tone and three-tone plating and studded with imported crystals and pearls of the best quality. As keeping in tune with the upcoming and on-going international standards, all our products are anti-allergic. All our jewellery comes with a 1 year warranty if you find any manufacturing defects. ide product categories: Wholesale fashion jewelry including necklace, sets, pendants, earrings, rings, bangles, etc. Wholesale Fashion accessories including combo, etc. We also provide you with corporate gifts, wedding & prom jewelry, and holiday jewelry to Boost Your Business ROI. All our jewelry has been skillfully crafted masterpieces that are admired all over the world. That’s why we are the best Jewellery Manufacturers in Jaipur.

Today, this family carries on the tradition of delivering extraordinary everyday style to women around the world. Each Buy Thread Jewellery Online Indiaand jewelry piece benefits from the superior quality, precision and extraordinary brilliance of Swarovski crystals and BIS hallmarked Gold. Best jewelry wholesalers in Jaipur at your disposal. Now, have it your way- book your favorite designs at our store today and flaunt the beauty with an extra touch of gold. We deal in all sorts of Bridal jewelry, gold coins, sapphire jewelry, white gold, silver coins, and customized diamond rings, etc. 

We have a well-equipped plant with the latest and advanced technology where we manufacture fashion/costume Imitation jewelry of International quality. Read more -