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Is Uncontrolled Diabetes Type 2 Really Dangerous To Your Health? from Aaliawilliam's blog

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Why is type 2 diabetes so dangerous? Many people Marine D3 Review are under the mistaken belief that Diabetes is not a serious condition. If left untreated, diabetes can lead to many very serious complications. It will almost certainly lead to an early death for many if not treated and managed. Being aware of these complications is very paramount for people with Diabetes 2 and emphasizes the importance of controlling your disease properly. Here are some things to consider.

Type 2 diabetes comes with many complications that come up suddenly and can be life threatening. The first is a sudden drop in your glucose levels. Hypoglycemia happens when you take too much insulin or exercise too much. You can feel very lightheaded and may faint. The second is a sharp spike in your blood glucose levels. Hyperglycemia may happen if you do not have enough insulin in your body to deal with glucose levels. In some severe case of hyperglycemia, sufferers with Type II Diabetes may go on to develop something called ketoacidosis. This is when there is no insulin in the blood to convert glucose. The cells turn to burning fatty acids for energy. A by-product of that process is ketones, which build up in the system. If enough of them gather, you may be facing a diabetic coma.

Type 2 diabetes also comes with long-term complications that will cause health issues over the years. It is an undisputed fact that excess blood glucose in the body does damage to cells in many different parts of the body. When it does damage to the kidney, it can lead to renal failure through nephropathy. When it does damage to the nerves, it can result in nerve death or neuropathy. Neuropathy leads to amputation of feet and legs in some patients. Restriction of blood in the eyes can lead to blindness in some people. You can avoid or delay all of these complications with proper management.

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