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I will actually never leave my home if this happens from Nanlina chen's blog

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This happened to me when my last pc crashed. Ended up building a new pc, but I couldn't go back to m&k. Only brought my ps4 controller with me. I played with Stellaris PC fairly heavily. The UI is RS gold soooo much nicer. FFXIV with a controller is amazing. It made me quit playing WoW because I only wanted to use a control. Oh fuck. If I could get my acc on PS5 I'd lose it and play way more.

OSRS would be Ideal for the Shift

I will actually never leave my home if this happens. It seems I will be once more selling lobsters. And cutting yew logs and killing chickens and mining. I am not certain how it would work on a controller based console however. The Switch does have a touch screen, and OSRS is available on mobile, so that may translate well. I hacked my nintendo switch and have played runescape on it and it works wonderful. I use to play RuneScape back then, fantastic memories! Because in RuneScape it is very mouse & keyboard dependent, you have to click on a spot to even move to it and use the cursor to get the menus. They'd have to overhaul the entire gameplay to appeal to consoles.

Really putting those'next gen images'to great use, huh? Oh man I only started playing again lately. I hope this happens. Doing Inferno using a controller on Console would be the greatest bend. I can already see all of the console just HCIMs. My life is complete. Do it jagex please! It's getting fucming real now. Seey'all of motherfuckers in Wildy. But not before I receive my woodcutting and angling to 100. Just make it . I really don't see how it would function on ps5. Like I like the game but like wow. The controls and ui would need to be completely altered to the point that you might also make an entirely new game. My figure is runescape on steam and change.

Amazing! I enjoy how they want to branch it in to consoles but my issue is, finding it hard to navigate such a mouse and computer keyboard centric game. I can understand it being on cellular, I know that it's hard for customers to play mobile. On consoles? It'll be really interesting, I would really like to learn more. It just wouldn't work. On change it would be amazing.I may see it functioning. They've Pillars of Eternity working on games just nice, I believe OSRS would work fine. Talking would be difficult but not impossible. It's for certain doable.

All those switches would be super hard with a control. Controls would be a nightmare. Nobody would have a computer keyboard. Unless they made a real combat system it'd suck. They may also just port runescape 2 instead. Isn't it the exact same thing with much more content? Runescape 3 is when they added all the cool down attacks and specials. Old school RuneScape is currently Runescape 2 (2007 era). You could be thinking of buy rs gold paypal Runescape Classic.Well damn I didn't know I was old enough to get involved in old school anything.

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