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I recall when I first started playing RuneScape I was the noob from Nanlina chen's blog

I really do think simply increasing xp would make the game somewhat boring, so there would have to be changes to how abilities are educated, not just an increase in xp. Make them more engaged and involved. I truly would not know how to do that though... also, make effigies more common and usable by reduced levels. Give quests much bigger XP rewards. ... and that's all I've got. Again, I am clueless about how this could actually happen, as RS gold I haven't played some other MMOs for reference. What about you personally? How do you think training could change? Do you believe the grind is an issue in any way?

I recall when I first started playing RuneScape I was the noob. I was around the age of 9 or 10 and so this game was among the coolest things ever to me. However the game was mind-numbingly enjoyable. I remember when I had to think of an account the coolest thing I could think about was"Killer1 1234." And when it came into my Sals name, I had been"KILLL."

Anyways, so when I playedI did the funniest/stupidest stuff. Some examples: Going into the poultry farm in Lumbridge and asking where Lumbridge was. Creating new accounts merely to get the 10k from Stronghold of Security and transferring it to my chief. Painstakingly spending days to receive 100k. Getting lost on the dirt path between Barbarian Village and Falador. Training on Giant Spiders in the Lumbridge Swamp. NEVER understanding where Port Sarim was ALWAYS getting lost trying to get there. Obtaining Mind Runes by selecting up the spawns from the Lumbridge castle. Getting Chaos Runes by selecting up the spawns in the Wilderness.

Personally, I am against getting BXP weekends, since these events benefit mostly the men and women who stockpile vast amounts of supplies to make profit, while causing prices to rise that you end up barely saving any money from the incentive XP. Additionally, these events encourage unhealthy gameplay and/or account sharing, because the XP multiplier never enhances to 1x, even after 10 hours. What's more, Summoning receives a bonus to real XP profit, regardless of the great majority of time training Summoning being time used to collect charms (yes, the bonus is just 1.1xray, however after 10 hours it makes no difference). Eventually, I dislike these events are made with the intent to boost revenue during days where many individuals would likewise cancel membership for college.

I'll likely wind up runecrafting, to get it over with for the Karamja diary requirement. Also a different thing. Anyone remember the Hati wolf event? I preferred that much more than BXP weekends, since it had a set quantity of Potential XP and a very long time limit to consume that Potential XP, as an buy osrs gold paypal outcome not damaging the market as much or rewarding no-lifers/acc sharers over normal players. I'd favor having events like that (but for many skills, not just combat) more than BXP weekends.

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