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I feel certain that there are likely bigger things folks would want instead from Nanlina chen's blog

It is very intriguing to me to see just how much PSO2 has come along and has meseta pso2 changed during the years. The chief reason why I chose up PSO2 in the first place was because I played Phantasy Star Nova together with my siblings and figured on the Vita that Phantasy Star Online 2 was there (but was a hefty 15 GB).

Before that, I had been playing other games like Dragon's Dogma Online and Warframe and discovered what Phantasy Star Online 2 offered was very much at exactly the same lines as those games but all three offered something different that the other did not have. In ways, it is sad for me that Dragon's Dogma Online went down (but its own time-based grinding was one of the things that put me off PSO2) and it is amazing for me to realize that Warframe and Phantasy Star Online 2 came out relatively close to each other but also in various areas and by about annually. I know from videos I've seen that PSO2 has gone through several facelifts from the UI and the lobby. Alongside that, I truly do feel that the changes made to PSO2 as time passes certainly do add up and seemingly have put PSO2 at a position that is strange as well as with other games like Warframe.

If I could be honest, I would definitely like a overhaul of the menu system so you can look up a neighborhood personality, view their equipment/appearance/class, and also do the same if you wanted to look at somebody in your party or friends list (that particular menu option is one I can only find on the Nearby Characters menu). I definitely feel like some of those options can be streamlined so that you can easily access public character information wihtout fiddling through particular menus and hopefully things like the equipment/customize menu becoming streamlined too in order to don't exactly have two distinct menus for finding the gear you want to put on or remove.

In addition to that, I believe it is strange that the NA version entirely lacks the close-up shots for seeing the character model that was recently added to the Japanese version so you can observe stickers/eyes/tattoos more readily - but I would also only love for its performance for the previews to be constant because the Mission Pass gives you previews for what you are getting but the Fresh Finds Shop totally lacks a trailer generally. I would be pleased with a quality-of-life update that hopefully ties PSO2 together more closely and inexpensively but I feel certain that there are likely bigger things folks would want instead.

Assuming you're playing PC, you can hit escape to open the menu and simply click on the character that you need to test together with the cursor you get while the menu is buy PSO2 Meseta open. There'll be options like friend requests, party inspect personality, inspect ARKS card, and invitations. I didn't understand you can click on the characters like that. I play controller despite playing on PC so I have never noticed that.

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