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I can't imagine you enjoying going to get a skillcape from Nanlina chen's blog

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First of all, what's your runescape name? Neither of the ones you've given work on the highscores, and it would be quite wonderful to view your stats prior to RS gold giving hints. However, have you thought about setting more balanced goals, like acheivement diaries? I'm now considerign gunning for the enhanced excalibur. With almost none of those"hard" levels required, I've calculated it may take approximately 5M if I'm lucky to level those abilities. Nonetheless, it is a nice goal and the reward is far more than some nice skillcape-I mean, actually, using a skill like woodcutting it's simply not that great for money or anything!

Although runecrafting would make a good deal of cash, it's horribly tedious for 99 (so I would presume ). Wouldn't it be sensible just to decide on a profitable goal, like 91, to get that and only quietly make money with it rather? If you find levelling battle dull, I can't imagine you enjoying going to get a skillcape.

I wouldn't worry about your combat level, unless perhaps you are seeking to do a couple of special quests requiring 85 or even 100 combat? Just do whatever sounds fun for you. It's just that I can't imagine any of your options being that fun given your description of yourself. I totally forgot about my name change, thanks. Look up"look ovr thr" if you would like. I concur RC would be tedious. Perhaps you misunderstood me about combat levels. I hate gaining battle levels, because I adore being low battle. Strange mindset possibly, but I like being a battle noob. I enjoy maxing out abilities - thats why I train!

Why not complete your 99 woodcutting and 99 smithing first? As for your goals: I believe 99 RC is way to hard. The people who do get it either have no life in any way, play with more people on a single account, or RC for years. I don't suggest it, just because it's so slow xp. . But as another guy said you could first try just like 82 or something. 99 prayer is exactly what I should do. Though you do not like combatting, it's such a fun cape to have. .

I intend to get it myself when I get the cheap OSRS gold cash. This is precisely what I must do . Get like a higher range level and a high defence level so you can earn money doing bosses. Meanwhile you train range and HP and you make money for prayer. I would just forget about RC when I was you.

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