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How Social Networks Drive Organic Growth from Mansi Rana's blog

When it comes to looking at websites that are doing good with their search engine performance, we can't ignore the social media networks. Name any of the social media platforms be it Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter and Pinterest, each one of them enjoys traffic in billions and they are simply an inspiration for all of us. What are the things that they do differently and win the SEO game? Well, the answer to this question is definitely not easy but we can indeed find some key elements.

No matter if you are a corporate company or the best SEO Agency, these findings will definitely help in improving your SEO strategy and gain more traffic from before.

Facebook - A large network of links

When it comes to social networks, one thing that can overwhelm everyone is the number of links that platforms carry. You will find thousands of internal links and millions of outbound links in their profile. If we take the example of Facebook, the majority of their traffic comes from their linking structure.

As of now, Facebook has more than four million pages that are properly indexed and can be found on Google. Apart from these 4 million pages, there will definitely be more such pages. If you look at the footer, you will find all the important links associated with each other. Facebook leverages sitemaps or 'indices' to get all their links indexed. The links that are present at the footer of the website are these indices that are helping the site to keep their all pages under the radar of crawlers.

LinkedIn - Proper directory optimization

If you are wondering how LinkedIn has managed to build massive organic growth, then read on to know. LinkedIn is a professional platform that also has SaaS offerings and the thing that drives LinkedIn the most traffic is their right balance between indices and directories at the footer. If you observe the footer closely, you will find the directory section in the bottom right area.

If you count them, they are only 11-12 clickable links but when you scan the homepage of LinkedIn with any SEO tool, you will find that they have more than 20,000 subdirectories linked with them. This is the reason why LinkedIn is getting huge traffic just because of their proper directory organization. If you also run a large website, you can also hire the best SEO Agency and get such a structure implemented. The LinkedIn platform generates around 29% traffic in an organic way.

Instagram - A Smart index game

Have you ever noticed the footer of Instagram from its home page? The SEO experts have played really well to get their billions of hashtags indexed by Google and other bots. Instagram tracks the same 'game' as LinkedIn and Facebook for getting their massive pages properly indexed. They have played really smart by making the job of Google crawlers much easier.

In their footer, you will find a footer link for 'Hashtags', and when you click on it, you will find numbers from 0 to 10. And, when you click on any number, for example, 3, you will find a long list of hashtags that are present so that bots can easily crawl them. When you click on any hashtag, you will see all the latest posts that were done by its users.

On the other hand, if we compare TikTok's framework, it's built with a very different approach. When you turn off the JavaScript, you will find that Google's bot can't crawl or index any content of this platform. All you will see is a skeleton screen that loads nothing or provides no information when the JS is blocked. This could be a pro SEO tip for all the best SEO agencies to check and fix JS issues if the pages are not getting crawled.

Snapchat - A closed platform for crawlers

When you closely observe Snapchat's architecture, you will find that this platform is far behind Facebook, Instagram, or any other platform when it comes to better indexation. When you scan this popular social networking site, you will find that it only shows profile QR codes.

Just showing QR codes are simply not enough for both users and the search bots. One thing to learn from Snapchat is not to become an 'Anti-SEO' platform and lack behind others. If you search for your name on Google you will find that Snapchat comes far below Facebook and Instagram.

The key takeaway from Snapchat is that for driving more traffic from Google, make sure you give sufficient information to the crawlers so that you can get better rankings. If you run a forum, blogs, or a PR website, the best tip to gain the highest traction from search engines would be optimizing the footer area like a pro. You can also hire the best SEO Packages from SEO agency that can analyze the site's architecture and implement the best practices for driving organic growth.

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