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Fletching is one of the cheapest and simplest skills to train from Nanlina chen's blog

Hey but at least we have another construction method right. Thank God trigger leveling construction was super slow and useless. Thanks jagex. Wish we'd find a wintertodt for RS gold mining . We have mlm, amethyst and blast mining.

MLM is considerably worse than ordinary mining and comprising the very same mechanics, amethyst needs 92 mining and ultimately burst mining is doable if you've got the dynamite. . Which are a pain to get if you can not buy them. This last standards being strange considering you want to assemble stuff to train a gathering skill.

I simply started OSRS after a decade hiatus and got 99 fletch in two weeks to trim my forthcoming range cape. Only been a member for like two months, so not entirely new. Okay you had me fooled, however for morytania tough journal, 99 fletch, along with 197 barrows torso in 2 months on top of what else you might've been doing with your spend time you've been really successful. He prob has a sugar daddy handing him gp for darts. Im fresh 2.5 weeks as well with no 99's and fletching is only 70.

And to be fair unless you piss a lot of money out on top level darts, fletching isn't actually very fast - only very afk. And everybody knows that you don't make much money without members, so he wouldn't have financed it himself, surely. Sugar daddy, or purchasing a shitload of bonds with IRL cash. I got 99 doing magic short/longbows and made a cool like 12m. And was still getting like 225k xp/hr. Haven't played since.

Fletching is one of the cheapest and simplest skills to train. Even without darts 200k+ XP/H is pretty doable without much loss. 99 fletch is like lvl 50 when converted into agility or rc. Secondly, 200 barrows isn't that crazy a grind. . .Agreed I just begun barrows for the first time ever just like two ish weeks ago. Done like 4-5 sessions and I am over 100kc already. 99 fletch costs a lot of money and performing barrows requires underground move and mm to be anywhere close effective.

Underground pass and MM, didn't Soulja Boy complete those quests 1 week into playing OSRS? 99 fletch can also be a good early money maker. Was hoping to find this, thanks buddy. Y’all need to suck barrows if you think a brand new player can not reach 200 barrows chests in 2 months on a cheap OSRS gold standard account. If he had some help from his friends that most likely got him into the game then that is easily believable rofl.

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