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EA started fresh with a new app when overdrive came from Nanlina chen's blog

EA cannot do this. Does anyone else not believe any of the its impossible b.s.? Anything is possible when they wanted to make it happen it would. It may be hard, expensive and need additional resources, but being lied to Madden 21 coins this all sorts of facets can't be carried over since its"hopeless" sounds like EA is going to launch a shit game they ran out of time to prepare correctly. It is not feasible. Everything is technically possible but it will be pointless. Sure it is possible to get back with your ex but probably better if you only move on.

EA started fresh with a new app when overdrive came out also and everything performed over. A number of us really care about championships and have been together since season 1. EA isn't ready to release this app and is just doing so because they perform every year. Toe-tapping is the only positive thing cited in their brand new update, but seems to exist already as your recipients will occasionally stay alongside sideline for a couple of extra seconds there is no animation for it now. The whining here is outstanding. I imagine if EA posted the legacy section daily usage it is maybe a dozen people following the initial month. It's more than heritage. It's the fact that all madden money that is bought with real money, And all preceding leagues, and all logos and achievements from past seasons, And all past season stats will be gone. Idc concerning the legacy page, but I've been playing this game since its release in 2014 and that is nullifying all background of that. That's hours of individuals lives becoming deleted within a new app that is most likely not even vital.

So will I be able to play mm20 still because this is on a new app or? Stone wouldn't have carried over anyway. Madden Cash was the only currency that carried over. I was not really banking on them carrying over, mostly waiting for something much more rewarding after in the season that never came. Possibly hoping I could blow them some kind of season score packs for next year. The program must be so broken by now they can't even upgrade much without breaking it. I don"t know why most people are mad about MM21. Yeah, no heritage will sting for a couple weeks, but I'm looking forward. It is a sport men. An aggressive game, but a game regardless. Y'all acting like this will physically hurt you.

They shot away captains. I was ready to grind out my favourite team but no it is just schemes and coaches. Ok, I am kind of thankful for no moving over this season, besides madden cash and logos. But I might be crazy, IDK. Must have known something was up as soon as an offer for 30,000 in MC over 60 days for just $19.99 popped up from the store. Figured EA was just being nice because it had been the close of the season. Silly roamin. Like an idiot, I purchased without checking the news here first. You gotta acknowledge, u/EA_Messina, pretty shady stuff from the employer. Feels like strike 3 to me. With this statement, I'm going to start unloading all the MC I have saved up. Deciding at the last minute to buy Madden nfl 21 coins go ahead and transfer it into the new program would definitely burn a bridge here.

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