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Dharok's set lets you hit harder when you've got low hitpoints. from Dingbest's blog

Dharok's set lets you hit harder when you've got low hitpoints. It's fantastic for xp, but maintaining your hitpoints low isn't simple, and there's always the probability of dying! Torag's set has the highest defence, however, the attack bonus only applies to RuneScape gold the hammer, which isn't a fantastic weapon. Guthan's set has a special move that occupies an opponent's hitpoints, so you don't have to carry food. Verac's set can hit through prayer, so it is only really useful against monsters of players that pray. Karil's collection is for that range, so it will not fit your requirements. Ahrim's set is for maging, so again it's not best for you.

The monsters are strong against ranged. They are melee so it'd be most efficient to melee them back, after all, you can not pray. Full rune (like dragon or boots boots) The greatest gloves you'll be able to wear out of the culinaromancer's chest from rfd if you've started it, Legends or obsidian cape, Amulet of glory/fury, Whip, Helm of neitiznot to substitute the rune helm if you've completed the fremmenik isles. I had a worse installation than this and that I did it in level 86. I am sure you're able to do it. Dragon Plateskirt and square shield if I do legends?

Legends cape would be fine as its economical to replace, I have to do underground pass and family crest and some other requirements Could it be worth having 10K of pure ess and 70 strike to get a weapon, even when my strength level will be 52? Havent done isles yet, started up to the stage were I could get to yaks... Worth doing? I wish the combat lvl necessity was 70, then I will be right on it and could have roughly 80 mage by now! Ok, I chose to go for 99 fletching. . .Wish me luck! I've 11 mil to spend.

Level 40-55. From here , I would go to Seers' Village as that is the best place for people your level and upward. If you're cutting your own logs, cut in the spot on the map to get willows. Now make 3,082 Willow Longbows (un ) to buy RS gold get 55 fletching. Level 55-70. This is only one of the longest and toughest stretches. From here on out you are likely to be stringing all of your bows since they provide much better exp like that. Today you'll need to make 4,881 Maple Longbows (s) until level 70. Alternative: Instead of fletching these bows and stringing themyou could buy two times as numerous logs and only fletch the bows. Based on Grand Exchange costs, this could greatly reduce the purchase price. This technique is recommended if you do not have millions of coins lying around, but it may be slightly slower. Level 70-80. Ok, now you're at one of the most difficult parts of leveling fletching.

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