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A Guide to Fast, Safe Home Remedies For Weight Loss from Jessy's blog


Also, if your metabolism is not running strong or has been Zotrim Review  severely reduced by unnatural dieting methods diet pills or fad diets, not only will you have a difficult time trying to get rid of those stubborn pounds, you may also suffer from yo-yo weight loss you lose weight... and then put it all back on. You may also experience your body STORING body fat instead of burning it off... which is a common issue of your metabolism slowing down.

So, what you want to do in order to effectively and consistently lose 15 pounds fast is to make sure you are getting 100% proper nutrition and increase your metabolism to the maximum peak. Make sure you get into your daily diet protein, complex carbs fiber, healthy fats monounsaturated, foods rich in vitamins and minerals fruits/veggies.

Eat multiple times daily. What I recommend for you to do is get 4-5 small healthy meals daily. This will keep you from getting hungry and will also boost your metabolism. DO NOT restrict nutrients. Your body needs all sorts of nutrients as mentioned in #1.

How do you combine boosting your metabolism with proper nutrition. Well, eating multiple times a day as mentioned above will help, but what you would need to do is alternate the calories from the foods that you eat to confuse your metabolism into elevating to the maximum peak. The reason why is because our bodies become accustomed to what it is we eat each day, and when you eat certain types of foods at different intervals, this will prevent your body from becoming accustomed to your daily eating patterns.

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By Jessy
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