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Rsgoldfast - He's undoubtedly really important from MMOgrfy's blog

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Next is the Druid's turn, they have to set the 6 candles of RuneScape gold balance they were given in the beginning around the shrine, then lighting them. The Saint is the last part before the Blessmaster can complete the job, He/She must throw their charm that will create a refuge of balance all over the shin, this can consist of trees, bushes, a pond, and other character scenery; this is going to set the stage to your Blessmaster.

He's undoubtedly really important. He must wait until one of the Saint's has completed their job, then he should traverse across the war room,dodging arrows, magical, and also warriors. Once in a palace he must get to the shrine, were his followers have created a Sanctuary of Balance. He should then Operate the Book of Guthix' Knowledge.

He will start to draw upon the character within the room. After a minute of chanting a huge burst of light will overcome the space and also the shrine will transform to a small trinket. He must then spend the trinket, walk back to the Guthix Castle, and place it on the Guthix Alter. This will ruin the Trinket, together with the army of that god. Then the cycle starts again for another military.

Well you may have been wondering how a History of this Barrows may come into play of this whole thing. Well in the event that you read the Crumbling Tome in the Barrows, then you know that the brothers fought against evil. Well about 15 minutes in the Game that the Blessmaster of Guthix can Operate the Novel of Guthix' Knowledge (provided that he is not in a Shrine Room), along with the 6 stars will spawn at the Guthix Castle.

The Melee Brothers are Level-126 with 99 Health and the Ahrim and Karil are Level-109 with 99 Health. They all Have their skills and are really powerful. It's advised that in the point were they input it's advised both Zamorak and Saradomin take them out, starting with Ahrim, who casts Ice Barrage, Blood Barrage (which will heal him), and OSRS buy gold Smoke Barrage (which does poisen), all which do their actual max.

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